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The Future of work

Microsoft lets its employees work in a treehouse in the woods

Software giant Microsoft has built a set of new offices for the staff of its headquarters — and they're located high in the air atop high-tech treehouses.


Here’s how to identify your office ‘work type’ — and what you need to do about it

The further you progress in your career, the more you’ll solidify your working style. Are you a lone wolf? A deadline diva? An office mom or dad?


4 things to do when you didn’t get that promotion

So, you got passed over for that promotion you really wanted. Here's how to handle it, what you should do next, and how you can get it the next time.


Majority of employees are unhappy at work, study finds

Nearly three-fourths of Americans are unhappy at work and actively hunting for a new job, and the vast majority don't think they get enough recognition.

The Future of Work

Do you need a Millennial mentor? Get ready for the latest fad to hit corporate America

The millennial generation has gotten a bad rap — but they could be what companies need to survive. Do you need a millennial mentor?


5 reasons to be more like Larry David at work

Sometimes, your inner curmudgeon is your best asset.


5 ways to be a good manager of your former coworkers

Out of all your coworkers who applied for a promotion, you were chosen. So where does that leave your relationships with them now that you're their manager?


What not to do when writing email subject lines

Don't make these subject line mistakes the next time you're about to send someone an email message in the workplace.

Office Life

This is the secret behind top teams’ best ideas

Debate — not lockstep agreement — is the secret recipe for a high-performing team, a new six-year study has found.


Study: Men become interested in tech careers earlier than women

Men express their interest in tech careers sooner than women, and are more likely to remain in the field for the long haul, according to a new report.


5 things to do after getting a bad performance review

But before you lash out after a bad performance review, take a deep breath and remember you have options on how to respond.


This is Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer’s one big tip on how to handle clients

The best experience Shake Shack's Danny Meyer can give his customers is to make them feel important. Here's his best tip on managing clients.


6 ways companies can help all employees thrive by shrinking the gender gap

Despite a steady drumbeat of calls to instill workplace equity between the sexes, women still lag far behind men at companies across the nation.

The Whole Human

The four keys to a fulfilling job, according to a happiness researcher

What are some ways companies can increase happiness levels of employees, in order to boost performance? Here are the four keys to a fulfilling job.

Office Life

1 in 4 workers would need to be in the hospital to call in sick, research finds

With flu season upon us, it will be important to take the time off that you need if you get sick. Don't be a martyr. Keep your coworkers healthy.

Science of Work

Here’s why introverts pass up leadership opportunities at work — and how they can start taking the lead

Does your introversion hold you back from going for it at work sometimes? As it turns out, science may know why introverts often fail to emerge as leaders.

Animals at Work

The newest cat on the New Zealand Police force will charm you

After the passing of police guinea pig Constable Elliot, a new furry friend has joined the New Zealand Police. Behold: Tia the police cat.

Words at Work

These are the 9 most annoying phrases people use at work, according to a new survey

Think outside the box and ditch these annoying, cliched work phrases. Until then, we'll table this conversation. Circle back and let us know how it goes.

Office Life

One hour of exercise can prevent depression, study finds

There's good news for those of us who hate to go to the gym too often: You just need an hour of physical activity every week.

Office Life

6 reasons why your coworkers run when they see you coming down the hallway

With so many personalities running rampant in the office, there are a variety of ways your relationships with coworkers can slip through the cracks.

Office Life

How the Equifax hack could hurt your job search

The millions affected by the hack on credit reporting agency Equifax may have to explain fraudulent credit history to potentially unsympathetic employers.

Office Life

How Elon Musk runs an efficient meeting — and you can, too

A recent story shows that Elon Musk wants to make sure every meeting counts — even if that efficiency comes at the risk of alienating employees.

Office Life

7 clues you’re about to be fired — and what you can do about it

While it’s not always a great idea to trust your gut about every single work issue, here's when it may be worth wondering if your job's in danger.

Office Life

America’s cities see significant decline in car commuting

There has been a significant decrease in driving in 21 of the 50 most populous cities in the United States over the last decade.

Office Life

The best way to manage email stress, according to an email researcher

Most work email is actually relevant to our jobs, and that we should be tackling it right away for our own peace of mind.


This is the best way to accidentally post on your employer’s social media account

On Monday, NPR editor Christopher Dean Hopkins accidentally used NPR's Facebook account to tell the media organization's audience about Ramona's adventures.

Office Life

5 ways to avoid feeling jealous at work

In a fast-paced work environment, it can be easy to feel like you're just not measuring up to others on your team. Here's how to avoid becoming jealous.

The Future of Work

This AI spies on your contacts and writes emails to them

A new email plugin called Crystal made accurate judgments on one reporter's email style. It can help people navigate tone and content with strangers.

The Whole Human

How to maintain friendships outside of work when your schedule is packed

Here's why it's so worthwhile to keep up friendships, and how to actively do so even when you have a busy career and a packed schedule.

Office Life

Here’s how to stay on the right side of office chat etiquette

While every person and workplace is different, here's what to keep in mind when using your office chat so you don't offend or annoy your coworkers.


How tattoos in the workplace might help you

Three in ten Americans have at least one tattoo. Does that mean that tattoos are fully acceptable in the workplace? The jury's still out.

Office Life

Study: The average worker’s inbox contains 199 unread emails

So much for inbox zero: The average US employees has 199 unread or unopened emails taking up space in their inboxes at any given time.

Office Life

Open plan offices are so terrible that a new company is selling workplace tents

Pause Pod wants to offer you a one-person escape pod from the tyrannies of the open office plan. This is what a work tent looks like.


Career advice from three successful women leaders

Inspiring advice from three great women leaders about how to succeed in the office.


Congratulations, you got a raise! Here are 5 things to do with it

Scoring a raise can feel like winning the lottery, but that definitely doesn't mean you should spend it all. Here's what to do instead.

Gender at Work

Global gender gap starts taking hold as early as 10 years old, study finds

Gender stereotypes are ingrained as early as 10 years old, and have damaging repercussions for both men and women's personal and professional lives.


4 reasons to include your team in your next hiring process

Teams can be made or broken by a new hire. Here's why you need to include current employees in your next hiring process and how to do it right.

Office Life

5 ways to get your office to eat healthier

You spend half your waking life at the office, so it can have a huge impact on your health. Here's how to eat healthier while you're there.

Science of Work

Study: We’re terrible at guessing people’s races over the phone

For those in charge of hiring, new research is a stark reminder that unconscious biases lurk everywhere. You probably know far less about job candidates than you think you do.


What to do when you don’t want to give a LinkedIn recommendation

Here’s how to know when it's the right move to decline giving someone a LinkedIn recommendation — and how to excuse yourself without causing offense.


#UnqualifiedForTech shows us that jobs define ‘qualified’ all wrong

Being qualified for a job means you can do the job you are hired for, not what your college major was for. Your unconventional background can be a plus.


Try this trick to go straight to sleep

Lack of sleep can take years off of your life. Here's a breathing technique that might just help you get those years back — while staying more productive.

Office Life

More weird job interview questions answered on the streets of New York

Some places like to ask outside-the-box job interview questions to try and find out who candidates are by catching them slightly off guard.


5 ways to get your office to be healthier

Some new employees expect to gain five pounds within their first few months at a new job. Here's how you can buck the trend and make a healthier office.


This PR job requires you to babysit the CEO’s kids

If you want to join The Berman Group's public relations team as an account coordinator, you'll need to be ready to babysit the CEO's kids. No, they're not kidding.

women and work

Career lessons from Fortune’s 5 most powerful women in business

Fortune released its list of the Most Powerful Women in 2017. To break the glass ceiling, sometimes you have to be willing to be uncomfortable.


Facebook is facing two age discrimination lawsuits

Two new age discrimination lawsuits are arguing that Facebook is not the inclusive, great place to work it's supposed to be... if you're too old.

Office Life

What would you say to these crazy interview questions?

Ladders decided to go out on the streets of New York City and see how people answer some of the weirder questions out there. If this were an actual job interview, we don't think any of these people would be hired.

The Whole Human

The benefits and challenges of being your authentic self at work

Just as no two people are the same, no two office settings are the same. But you can gain a lot from sharing aspects of your personal story at work.


4 ways to command respect in your workplace

Why you might not be getting the respect you want at work, and how to make sure that you do in the future. Hint: it's a two-way street.