A favor to ask

Posted by Marc Cenedella

July 14, 2014 @ 08:00 AM

Last week, I took you on a tour of TheLadders' headquarters in New York City.  

So each year, after taking you on a little tour of our office, I ask a favor in return:

Would you mind sending us a video -- a Vine or an Instagram -- for our wall displays here at TheLadders headquarters?

You see, we work all day on the internet, which means we don't get to see you, our customers, in person every day.  And with the long hours, heartfelt dedication and total commitment to seeing you land your next gig, it makes an enormous difference to us when we can put a face, and a smile, with the name.

So I'd like to ask you to do me the favor of sending along a short video, or Vine, or Instagram video of yourself to videos@theladders.com

Topics: #TheLaddersLife