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Getting “Uncubed”

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May 22, 2013 @ 12:31 PM

Sean talks about getting "uncubed" with some of the most influential folks from NYC's technology sector.

I'll admit it, I love attending job fairs. Sure, it's an incredibly exhausting experience to talk to one person after another for several hours. However, if you thrive on interacting with others, it is also hugely stimulating. I've attended a number of job fairs lately looking for great engineers to join our team here at TheLadders. 

Uncubed, which we attended Friday, is one of my favorites. It bills itself as something of an "un-job fair." I'm going to respectively disagree with them. Uncubed is everything I love about job fairs but taken up a notch. The energy level is higher. Perhaps it's the music, or the food, or the alcohol that flows freely. Maybe it's the electricity that is New York City and its citizens. Whatever it is, Uncubed feels different. Louder. Stronger. Faster. Better.

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On a first-name basis with success? Your mom chose your name wisely.

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May 06, 2013 @ 05:00 AM

TheLadders urges mothers to use nicknames for their kids.

Happy Mother’s Day! In celebration of all the hard-working mothers out there, we recently conducted a study to see if the names they choose for their children could have possibly dictated their future success in the workplace. First, we analyzed data around first names from TheLadders’ nearly 6 million members against variables such as industry, salary level, and location. We wanted to prove the null hypothesis that what your mother names you makes a difference.

Second, we populated a few lists, hoping they would generate some additional questions. We started by aggregating and sorting names that were at the top of each list:

Top five C-level names, by gender, in ratio to their overall frequency:

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Not hearing back from recruiters? We know why.

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May 02, 2013 @ 07:30 AM

TheLadders conducts a study on job-seeker behavior using “eye-tracking” technology to help job seekers close up the job search "black hole."


Anyone who has ever looked for a job knows the drill: find job online, send resume, wait, and never hear back. If you’re sending out dozens of resumes, like most job seekers do, you’re likely familiar with this broken process -- and frustrated when you don’t get a response. In the careers industry, this broken loop even has a notorious name: “The Black Hole.”

Recently, TheLadders conducted a study on job-seeker behavior using “eye-tracking” technology to determine how we could help close The Black Hole while leading job seekers to their perfect job. We analyzed how job seekers view job postings, what they actually saw, what they concentrated on, and what they totally missed.

If you’re unfamiliar with eye tracking, it’s a way to record and analyze where someone focuses on a page, and in what order they do it (see cool visualizations above).

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Tech Talk: How to scale your database in the cloud

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

April 04, 2013 @ 07:16 AM

Last Thursday, I presented at the Clustrix NYC roadshow. Technical executives and leaders from two of the world’s largest database groups on Meetup, New York City’s MySQL and NewSQL groups, were treated to an in-depth presentation about our direct experience with Clustrix, a leading scale-out database. The event, hosted at our SoHo office, drew attendees from companies like SMBC Capital Markets, Getty Images, Pythian, Pixable, M-Square, and ACES.

Historically, databases were the bottleneck in any system, and in the web world, often the primary cause of website downtime and bad user experience. We wanted to keep the downtime as low as possible, so we looked for different ways to scale our database. We also wanted our developers to focus on adding value to our product, rather than spending time working on a database layer. The goal was to scale the system smoothly and economically as requirements increased. A new database system would be able to handle large numbers of concurrent users, provide continuous availability, and process extremely large data sets.

We had several options to scale our database: break it to smaller databases called shards, migrate to a simple key-value or a document store, buy a big iron database, or adopt a modern internet-scale database solution called NewSQL.

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35,000 employers…and counting

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March 22, 2013 @ 04:48 PM

TheLadders hits a new milestone with over 35,000 recruiters and employers using TheLadders to find the most qualified candidates at any level, for free.

About a month ago, there was a rally held in Washington D.C. to protest a perceived lack of action by the government regarding climate change. This was estimated to be the largest group in history that has gotten together for this purpose – 35,000 individuals, filling the National Mall, from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument. For those unfamiliar with our nation’s capital, this is an expansive 1.2-mile piece of land.

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Spring into happiness

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March 07, 2013 @ 02:58 PM

TheLadders data reveals which job markets and professions are the happiest and unhappiest in the United States.

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Boost of confidence…and income

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December 20, 2012 @ 11:51 AM

TheLadders helps StreetWise Partners trainee Octavia boost her confidence - and potential earnings - with a resume rewrite. 
StreetWise-Partners-LogoI first discovered TheLadders through my participation with StreetWise Partners, a nonprofit organization that helps low-income individuals overcome employment barriers and obtain better jobs. When I began my career, I was working 40-hour work weeks in a customer service position that didn’t utilize my skills or compensate me properly. I then took a position in accounting, which, due to circumstances beyond my control, led me to doubt my capabilities in the workforce.

After that experience, I turned to StreetWise Partners, a bit scarred and needing to rebuild my natural confidence. With hard work and commitment, I made it through the program with aspirations of finding a job that would suit me and support my intentions of continuing my college education. My resume was already adequate but definitely needed an update to combat this ailing job market.

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5 key takeaways from the Marketo User Summit

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May 29, 2012 @ 05:51 PM

Last week I attended the Marketo User Summit organized by our partners at Marketo, who help us with the simplification of our marketing efforts. This year, their attendance more than tripled, with over 1,400 customers. It's no wonder they were named the fastest-growing private company of 2011 by the Silicon Valley Business Journal. (You can see tweets for the event with the hashtag #MUS12.)

The conference kicked off with live deep-dive sessions of "Marketo University." These were interactive, hands-on workshops and included pre-work for participants. The content was of a high quality and relevant, especially for advanced users. I wish I could have attend all of the sessions, and I had a hard time prioritizing them.

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Behind AMC's "The Pitch," with Conversation's Frank O'Brien

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May 11, 2012 @ 08:51 PM

Frank O'Brien is the founder of Conversation, a "new traditional" ad agency based in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. Frank is used to big moments. He's started his own agency, has made clutch pitches and won big-time clients. He even recently opened his own bar on New York's Upper West Side. No stranger to pressure, is Frank.

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What The Pitch means to me

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April 27, 2012 @ 04:47 PM

When our head of Public Relations, first asked me if I wanted to work with AMC's The Pitch, I broke out in a cold sweat. It wasn't the show's fault — it was that simple phrase: The Pitch.

See, before I started my successful career here at TheLadders, I was an agency guy. I've worked at some of the biggest and best advertising agencies — Ogilvy, Euro RSCG, Draft and McGarryBowen. Throughout my agency days, I've worked on over 50 pitches. They can be exhilarating and they are always exhausting. Late nights. Bad take-out dinners. Intense discussions. Strategies. Concepts. More intense discussions. New strategies. New concepts. Arguments. Sometimes there was crying. Too many calls home, saying you're still working. Finally, we'd finalize the concepts and send them off to production. There would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

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