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Hungry to Help

Posted by Patty

November 16, 2012 @ 12:15 PM

For a Monday morning, I had never been more excited to get to the office than on November 5th. TheLadders had been closed for nine days without electricity because of the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, and our 150 employees had been working remotely – from home, friends’ homes, Starbucks and libraries. Although our office finally had electricity, phone and Internet restored, we sat at our computers bundled up in coats, hats and scarves, still without heat. However, our inconvenience was minimal compared to the loss for so many others, and we were simply grateful that we all were safe and sound.

On that first day back at work, we received an encouraging email from our COO and Co-founder, Alex Douzet:

We will be catering lunch every day until Thanksgiving so that you do not have to run outside in the cold. Here is our tentative menu for the next 13 days:         

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TheLadders Partners with eQuest

Posted by Patty

November 15, 2012 @ 01:35 PM

TheLadders is happy to announce a new partnership with eQuest, the world’s most utilized job posting distribution solution which enables companies to automatically post their open positions on TheLadders. Effective this week, eQuest clients can automatically post ALL of their professional positions on TheLadders, with no additional effort or cost.

This partnership is a true win-win for both parties. eQuest is able to offer their clients ease of use and free advertisement, and TheLadders can now showcase open positions to its members that historically wouldn’t be published on its site. In the coming weeks, TheLadders will see an increase of more than 50,000 jobs due to this new partnership.

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Coming to America

Posted by Patty

November 13, 2012 @ 04:02 AM

Last Thursday, I spent two days in Raleigh, NC, at the Internet Summit 2012 where I spoke on two panels: “Designing and Optimizing for Multiple Screens” and “Internet Entrepreneurship.”

The most exciting part of my trip was that it was the first time in 20 years that I returned to the “scene of the crime.” This is a story that very few people know about me – one that took place long before my time as COO and Co-founder of TheLadders.

In 1993, I was a freshman at the University of Colmar, in Alsace, France, studying economics and business. I quickly realized that as a Frenchman preparing for a career in business, I had to speak English fluently if I wanted to be successful. Since I am not the type of person who can master a foreign language via classroom study alone, I engineered a bold move. I decided that I was going to spend the summer working in the United States and, therefore, learn English there. Like I usually do, I approached it with a sink-or-swim mentality.

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TheLadders Moves to Facebook

Posted by Patty

November 12, 2012 @ 04:01 AM

TheLadders is proud to announce a new partnership with Work4Labs, a top solutions provider that enables job postings to be promoted via TheLadders on Facebook. Starting this week, our page has a new tab -- "Apply To Jobs for Free" -- where job seekers can select and apply to more than 15,000 open jobs as a Basic member of TheLadders, for free. These job postings are the freshest open positions across the country from our Enterprise clients, and include all experience levels.

Our partnership with Work4Labs allows job seekers to easily search for open positions that fit their profile by keyword, function and location. The Work4Labs application on Facebook allows job seekers to join TheLadders in a quick and easy way while remaining on the social platform, as well as filter the job postings to view those that match their profile and set email alerts for new jobs that fit their expertise.

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Coding Like Crazy at General Assembly

Posted by Patty

November 09, 2012 @ 02:38 PM

At TheLadders, we currently have a greater UX goal to incorporate our design process more dynamically and efficiently, so when my boss asked me if I wanted to attend an HTML & CSS workshop at a collaborative workspace called General Assembly, I jumped at the opportunity.

General Assembly is a global network of campuses for people seeking opportunity and education in technology, business, and design. It has locations in most major cities, both nationally and internationally, and its memberships provide private desk space to individuals, along with office space for deserving organizations. Partnerships with major philanthropic companies and corporations help to keep its engine going. They also offer a variety of workshops, covering topics from effective project management to powerful social media techniques, that incorporate hands-on education.

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Taking time to say ‘Thank You’

Posted by Patty

November 07, 2012 @ 04:05 AM

As Alex Douzet, COO & co-founder of TheLadders, shared with all of our job seekers last week, our headquarters is located in lower Manhattan, which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Without power, the office was shut down for 10 days. That said, TheLadders did not falter once!  Besides our site being fully operational for our Job Seekers, we also reached our highest number of jobs on our site EVER – more than 235,000!

In addition, our Job Search Support Team set up remote offices -- at home, friends’ houses, Starbucks, or local libraries -- to help support our members. In fact, preparation started even before the hurricane; we went old school and compiled a phone tree, just in case there were critical updates and customer service reps couldn't access their email. Even with the office closed on Monday, the team hit the ground running that morning. TheLadders’ Job Search Support Team began responding to our members’ emails at our normal 9 a.m. start time on Monday, October 29. Because Mondays are one of the highest-volume days, we wanted to make sure we were ready for our Job Seekers’ questions.

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In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy…and Beyond

Posted by Patty

November 05, 2012 @ 01:45 PM

While the worst of Hurricane Sandy is behind us, the Tri-State Area has a long road ahead until relative normalcy is restored. Devastation has wreaked havoc upon our shores, lives and homes have been tragically lost, and cherished times have been etched into our memories forever.

But as Americans continue to prove, tumultuous times bring us closer together. After our COO and Co-founder, Alex Douzet, published his blog post last week, we have received an overwhelming response of concern and well wishes from our members, clients and friends. The comments below, and many like them, have brought us hope and gratitude. We are very thankful for each and every one of your thoughts and prayers.

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Tales from Vegas

Posted by Patty

October 24, 2012 @ 09:49 AM

Last week, we headed to Vegas for the Recruiting Trends Conference 2012.  The conference took place at the famous Caesars Palace Hotel, where the team and I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great people.  HR professionals stopped by our booth to learn about our Passport product, which offers unlimited search and post, and the ability to send targeted hiring alerts, all for FREE!  We didn’t stop there - we also showcased our new mobile app, Recruitable, which connects on-the-go recruiters to our more than 5 million job-seeking members.

We gave away tumblers and tote bags to everyone that stopped by, and one lucky winner won the grand price of an iPad3. I’m happy to announce our lucky winner was Kiki Rice, the talent acquisition manager for Toyota Motor Sales.

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Get Elected Into a New Job

Posted by Patty

October 22, 2012 @ 12:48 AM

With the Presidential election closing in, many Americans are focused on what most of us would consider the biggest “interview” process for the title of “Leader of the Free World.” Our own job search, however, is no less important. Candidates can learn a lot from the Presidential candidates, in terms of what strategies to employ and what tactics to avoid.

If you’ve watched the debates (or have been within 100 miles of a computer), you know that the first debate went to the candidate who was better equipped and engaged. By asking questions during interviews, job seekers can show the hiring manager that they have done their research and are genuinely interested in the company. That said, it’s imperative to have the facts. Know the company’s strengths, and also the areas that can be improved, and make sure to call out personal strengths that will positively impact the company, overall.

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25,000 and Counting

Posted by Patty

October 19, 2012 @ 05:05 AM

We’re in celebratory mode here at TheLadders! On October 11th, we hosted TheLadders Connect NYC where details of our new products were announced by Co-Founder and COO Alex Douzet.

With the release of Passport, which gives recruiters free access to unlimited post and search, we have reached a significant milestone – we now have more than 25,000 recruiters and hiring managers using TheLadders for their hiring needs.

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