What we mean by “Your career is our job™”

Posted by Todd Hoza

December 2, 2011

Job seekers, recruiters and hiring executives have an increasing number of options to choose from when seeking their next great move/perfect candidate. We believe TheLadders is uniquely positioned to help both sides of the ecosystem achieve success. TheLadders invented the first job site for $100k+ job seekers 8 years ago. And, this year, TheLadders turned the industry on its head (again) by launching the first “job offer guarantee.”

So how did TheLadders invent an offering like Signature, our coach-led program proven so effective we guarantee the outcome? Eight years of data serving the $100k+ segment definitely helped. Latest technology and academic research didn't hurt either. Our near-famous, unlimited snack area? Maybe.

I’d argue the differentiator is our people. People who are smart & incredibly passionate about careers. People who understand success occurs at the intersection of technology and people (yes, I’ve been reading the Steve Job biography). People who put job seekers success first. That’s what we mean with our new tagline, Your Career Is Our Job™.

We believe in our people so much, we looked internally when developing our new tagline and brand promise. Yes, we validated the heck out of it externally – but the important takeaway is the idea started right here. And when we had to showcase our new tagline at our 9/20 NYSE event, we again turned to our colleagues. Enjoy a video created in-house by the UX team's Mike Castro (who was once a Job Search Advisor) with support from Todd Hoza (our creative director) and Kate Addicott (our copywriter and tweet-miser of @TheLadders).

We enjoyed making the video. Hope you enjoy watching it.

Nicholas Karrat is Vice President of Marketing for TheLadders.com. He’s passionate about building great brands (e.g., TheLadders), traveling with his family and October baseball. He’s been waiting ~20 years for “the call” from the Yankees…any minute…

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