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April 27, 2012

When our head of Public Relations, first asked me if I wanted to work with AMC's The Pitch, I broke out in a cold sweat. It wasn't the show's fault — it was that simple phrase: The Pitch.

See, before I started my successful career here at TheLadders, I was an agency guy. I've worked at some of the biggest and best advertising agencies — Ogilvy, Euro RSCG, Draft and McGarryBowen. Throughout my agency days, I've worked on over 50 pitches. They can be exhilarating and they are always exhausting. Late nights. Bad take-out dinners. Intense discussions. Strategies. Concepts. More intense discussions. New strategies. New concepts. Arguments. Sometimes there was crying. Too many calls home, saying you're still working. Finally, we'd finalize the concepts and send them off to production. There would be a light at the end of the tunnel.

But wait! Emergency meeting!

The new Executive Creative Director took a shower and now has a new strategy and creative idea. Swearing. Lots of swearing.

As soon as I became a Creative Director, I vowed to respect my teams and make sure I understood how they felt. But that goes out the door after a few late nights and the pressure you feel to win. No other professional business gets close to the insanity and pressure of "the pitch." You have to be willing to put everything you have into it. No one wins because they brought in work they could do in one day. They might have done the work in one day but that's because they only had a day to do it.

As I watched The Pitch, I felt the pain and excitement of the teams. A part of me wanted in. The competition showcased is really addictive and brought up old competitive feelings. The rush.

And it's on AMC. Who doesn't love AMC right now? They're the most Emmy-recognized network on basic cable. Many of you know it as home to your favorite shows, including Mad MenBreaking BadThe Killing and The Walking Dead.

TheLadders is happy to collaborate with The Pitch. How do we fit in? We're experts on the elevator pitch, one of the key aspects of career advancement, and an essential part of a strong personal brand. The Pitch reached out to us because they know we can help professionals give the perfect Elevator Pitch and move their careers forward.

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Todd Hoza
is Director of Creative & UX at TheLadders. When he’s not busy helping build the brand from the inside out, he’s taking credit for all the great work his talented team creates.


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