Vinyl Quality on TheLadders

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

February 22, 2013

Being a huge fan of the rock band Foo Fighters, I recently purchased their entire discography on vinyl. Vinyl? Why vinyl? I know, I know, why vinyl?! You see, I am passionate about quality, and I am one of those folks that believe true quality music is heard best off a vinyl record. For me, quality is above all else.

That’s why I am really excited about what I’m doing here at TheLadders. I work with our Job Analysts to continue to post only quality jobs on our site. We go over thousands of jobs daily to make sure they meet our professional standards, are aesthetically pleasing, are shown to the right audience, and are categorized correctly. I have even worked with our Employer Relations team, who is responsible for vetting all employers that join TheLadders, ensuring that only legitimate sources are able to post positions and search for candidates. We pride ourselves in finding the right person for the right job, which is why we maintain high quality assurance of all job listings on our site.

We know how difficult and stressful the job search can be. Everyone here in our Stevie-award-winning Job Search Support Center is here to help. We do this through quality work, whether it’s through live chat, phone conversations or timely email exchanges.

Now, excuse me while I take a listen to some sweet jams by the Foo Fighters. Should I start with Burning Bridges, Stacked Actors, Summer’s End, All My Life, or my new favorite, Arlandria? Decisions, decisions…

Brenden Sparnroft is a member of the Job Search Support Center at TheLadders. For more than two years, he has been working with our job seekers to help them progress to the next step in their careers. Come summer, you can usually find Brenden barbecuing with his friends and family. 

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