Turning Your Work Life into a Workout Life

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

July 31, 2012

Watching our healthy heroes duke it out in the Olympics has further reinforced how important it is to increase your body intelligence and foster personal health.

Fitness and motion have always been my passion, but imprisoned by the confines of an ergonomically correct chair for 8+ hours a day leaves little opportunity for exercise. These healthy ideals inspired me to request having my desk raised, to which TheLadders kindly accommodated, and now my dreary desk has transformed into a productive playground. Standing while working initiated a series of healthy work habits, including daily sprints up the building stair well, workouts on our pull-up/dip machine, and more nutritious lunches, usually homemade.

In his blog, The Blog of Time Ferriss: Experiments in Lifestyle Design, American author and entrepreneur Tim Ferriss highlights many options to incorporate into your office lifestyle to ensure that the majority of your daily waking hours are not spent cultivating poor fitness. Be sure to explore if your employer permits some of the practices that TheLadders encourages:

    • A raised desk to promote more movement

    • A workout/stretch space for opportunities to loosen up

    • Nutritious food alternatives (if your company provides food)

    • Healthy competition (TheLadders' employees are currently competing to lose weight in their own version of the “Biggest Loser”)

    • A humidifier near your work area for easier breathing during sinus seasons

There are countless possibilities. The key is to discover the options your company supports, and take advantage of them today!

Kean Gardner is an Account Manager of Recruiter Relations for TheLadders who loves to ensure that every recruiter knows how to find, and connect with, the best candidates for their jobs. He also loves to rip holes in the dance floor and educate on healthy living. 

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