Turning up the heat on your summer job search [Infographic]

Posted by TheLadders

August 13, 2012

Every day, I provide advice to job seekers on ways to improve their job search. Some clients are looking to get promoted at their current companies, whereas others want to change employers and will accept a lateral move in the same industry. That said, many are seeking something completely different. Apart from the advice and resources I offer, I motivate job seekers to step out of their comfort zones to look for possible job opportunities.

Looking at the results from our summer job-search survey, which are illustrated in our awesome infographic below, I cringe at the discovery that only 31% of respondents say that they network more during the summer. Summertime activities present a unique opportunity to network with loads of new people. Whether at the beach or at a baseball game, you should make it a point to strike up a conversation with someone you don’t already know. People are generally more relaxed during the summer, making it easier to grow your professional network while celebrating your social life.

However, seeing that 71% of respondents believe employers are less responsive during the summer was not surprising to me. Whether they’re taking an extended weekend at the beach or enjoying shortened summer hours, employers tend to be away from their desks more during the warmer months than other times of the year. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that hiring slows down during the summer, so it’s imperative to remain persistent.

While the summer may seem like a slow period for job seekers, there is typically less competition during these months, so it’s actually an ideal time to get out there, network, and seize the opportunity.

For additional information, check out these tips to help job seekers stay motivated during the summer months, from Job Search Expert Amanda Augustine.

Click here to download a PDF version of the Summer Job Search Infographic.

Diana DeClemente is a Certified Professional Career Coach, CPCC, for TheLadders. She uses her savvy people skills to help job seekers set and achieve realistic goals and loves motivating them to find their next role. Outside work, Diana enjoys sitting on the beach and watching International House Hunters (separately, of course)!

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