You have 6 seconds to make an impression: How recruiters see your resume

Posted by TheLadders

March 21, 2012

How do recruiters and hiring managers actually make decisions about candidates?

One thing we know they use is your resume. But how? What is it about one resume that gives a recruiter the information they need to make the right call?

In order to find out, we needed to see how recruiters reviewed resumes. To do this, we conducted a comprehensive eye-tracking study of recruiters while they reviewed resumes.

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USA TODAY features TheLadders Candidate Insights - again

Posted by Todd Hoza

March 19, 2012

I'm proud to announce that TheLadders was featured in USA TODAY for the second time this month! You can find our Candidate Insight question "What size company do you prefer?" in the March 19, 2012, Money section's Snapshots®.

Lisa Hagendorf is the Vice President of Public Relations for TheLadders where she is a huge ambassador of the brand in the office. At the gym. And on the street. She just can’t stop talking about TheLadders. Ever.

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USA TODAY and TheLadders Candidate Insights

Posted by Todd Hoza

March 9, 2012

USA TODAY, the widest-circulated newspaper in the country, cited TheLadders in the Money section cover’s popular Snapshots® on March 7, 2012. Stemming from one of TheLadders Candidate Insights questions -- “Does your next job have to be a promotion?”the story will reach more than 1.7 million readers.

A big thanks to USA TODAY and TheLadders Product and Marketing teams for revealing this important and innovative information about Job Seekers.

Lisa Hagendorf is the Director of Public Relations for TheLadders where she is a huge ambassador of the brand in the office. At the gym. And on the street. She just can’t stop talking about TheLadders. Ever.

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TheLadders -award-winning- customer service team

Posted by Todd Hoza

March 2, 2012

Ask a customer service representative if s/he likes his/her job. Chances are that the answer will be some form of “no” (and may contain expletives). Here at TheLadders, that’s not the case. Our Job Search Support Center is staffed with highly qualified, extremely helpful, pleasant people. We’ve known our team to be top-tier for years, but as of yesterday we can now call TheLadders customer service team “award-winning!”

The Stevie Awards have named TheLadders Job Search Support Center as the recipient of their prestigious Contact Center of the Year award*. Helping support and engage our customers during a time when they need it most is gratifying work and we’re thrilled to be recognized by industry peers for our hard work and devotion.

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Five Million Members and Counting

Posted by Todd Hoza

February 29, 2012

Wow! We have come a long way. This week, TheLadders surpassed five million members. That’s five million people that we are helping with their job search. We work to help these members find their next calling in life however we can, whether it's through our job matching expertise, our personalized products and services or our world class career advice.

We've been working for nine years to learn the science of the job search and share that insight with our members. More importantly, we're happy that we can deliver results for our customers. In 2010 alone, a Harris Interactive study* showed that over 500,000 $100K+ professionals credited TheLadders with helping them find a new job. Most recently, we launched our Signature program, which offers members personalized help navigating their job search and a guaranteed job offer within six months or their money back. That's how strongly we believe in the program.

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TheLadders plays cupid with job seekers to find jobs they love

Posted by Todd Hoza

February 9, 2012

When we think about Valentine’s Day, romantic images of chocolates, flowers, and candlelit dinners may come to mind. However, being happy in the workplace may just be our greatest gift. In fact, only 12% of Americans have found the right corporate chemistry and are "really happy with this job," according to a new study we've conducted. Of the 255,000 job seekers surveyed, an astonishing 88% confirmed varying degrees of dissatisfaction with their workplace.

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TheLadders hosts the world with NYCEDC

Posted by Todd Hoza

February 7, 2012

Today, TheLadders was proud to play host to “World to NYC,” an event organized by the New York City Economic Development Corporation to introduce more than 40 international entrepreneurs and business executives to the vibrant New York startup community.

Members of the delegation were welcomed by TheLadders Vice President of Sales and Services, Ware Sykes. Ware introduced the audience to our Soho offices and provided a brief overview of our company history, including why it’s co-founders chose to base the company in New York. He told the story of how TheLadders has grown and thrived over the past eight years in an environment of constant change.

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Launching a New Homepage for Recruiters

Posted by Todd Hoza

January 24, 2012

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new homepage for recruiters. The product, marketing and user experience teams here at TheLadders have been working hard to optimize our sites and services for professionals and recruiters alike. The new is a big step toward putting the right professionals in the jobs that are right for them.

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Bringing original career advice right to you.

Posted by Todd Hoza

January 9, 2012

At TheLadders, we’ve always believed strongly in the providing you with the right piece of career advice. After all, writing the perfect cover letter or asking the right questions in an interview can make all the difference in your job search.

You’ve always had access to our original and exclusive career advice on, but in 2011, we decided to bring our advice right to you.

That meant Twitter, and @TheLadders.

It’s not just working, it’s crushing. We put a superstar copywriter, Kate Addicott, in charge, and @TheLadders now has over 20,000 followers! Not only have we been able to help our customers, but the relationships we’ve developed with job seekers, recruiters, employers and industry experts have been invaluable to us, too.

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Welcome RecruitBlog to TheLadders family

Posted by Todd Hoza

December 20, 2011

We’re proud to announce the launch of TheLadders RecruitBlog! You're obviously already familiar with TheBlog, your resource for everything going on inside TheLadders offices. The more we were discovering great stories from inside our company, the more we were realizing how much great content we had to share directly with the recruiting community. That’s why we're starting RecruitBlog as a place to provide unique content specifically geared for recruiters and HR professionals. Here we’ll be able to share our favorite recruitment articles, whitepapers, event updates and interesting trends from around the web. Make sure to check back regularly to see what's new as we'll be updating often to bring you the latest in recruiting from TheLadders community and beyond.

Dan Logan is a Product Marketing Manager at TheLadders. As a frequent host of company meetings, he’s used to answering questions and keeping up with industry trends. He also lives in Brooklyn…
and loves it.

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