TheLadders Appoints Geoffrey Bourne Chief Technology Officer

Posted by Jade Clark

June 25, 2015

Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Citigroup Vet Geoffrey Bourne Brings 15 Years of Digital Technology Expertise to Further TheLadders’ Expansion

New York, NY (June 25, 2015) - Today, TheLadders, the premier career resource for professionals, announced the appointment of Geoffrey Bourne, as Chief Technology Officer. Bourne brings over 15 years of experience in digital technology, having worked at industry leading brands such as Starwood Hotels & Resorts, Citigroup, Goldman Sachs, and several start-ups. As CTO, Bourne will be responsible for TheLadders engineering and product teams.


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TheLadders holds its inaugural JobMobile New York event

Posted by Amanda Augustine

March 29, 2013

After many weeks of careful planning, my colleagues and I were proud to launch our inaugural JobMobile event in New York City last night. This was the first in a series of nationwide events that brought together the talent acquisition community to discuss major innovations and strategies in mobile recruitment. It also served as a festive platform for us to honor the top 1% of recruiting professionals in New York, better known as TheLadders ELITE.

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35,000 employers…and counting

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

March 22, 2013

TheLadders hits a new milestone with over 35,000 recruiters and employers using TheLadders to find the most qualified candidates at any level, for free.

About a month ago, there was a rally held in Washington D.C. to protest a perceived lack of action by the government regarding climate change. This was estimated to be the largest group in history that has gotten together for this purpose – 35,000 individuals, filling the National Mall, from the Capitol building to the Washington Monument. For those unfamiliar with our nation’s capital, this is an expansive 1.2-mile piece of land.

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Spring into happiness

Posted by TheLadders Contributor

March 7, 2013

TheLadders data reveals which job markets and professions are the happiest and unhappiest in the United States.

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30,000 Recruiters…and Counting!

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

January 16, 2013

Usually after the holiday season, the last thing you want to hear is that you have doubled in size. But here at the TheLadders, we are ecstatic to learn that we are twice as big as we were a year ago, meaning the number of recruiters on our site -- not our waistline.

Over the course of 2012, our mission was to increase the volume of meaningful conversations between our recruiters and job seekers in three ways:

    • Offering our service as a free resource to recruiters and employers

    • Learning from our users to create new functionality for our recruiters and job seekers

    • Providing compelling content about the recruitment process and how to best navigate it

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Hey Everyone, Come See How Good We Look!

Posted by Bill Beard

November 26, 2012

Ah yes, the legendary Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrel's famous news hound from the movie Anchorman is quite the character. Not only for his perfect hair and sharp wit, but also for his mustache. Have you seen that thing? I want to be friends with it.

There are plenty of famous people and characters who are hirsute on the upper lip, but Burgundy is one of my favorites. Here at TheLadders, we may not hold a candle to most of them, but some of us are trying during November.

It's all for Movember, which raises awareness and funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer. Basically, men grow a mustache for the month of November. In my experience, it usually prompts this exchange from friends, coworkers and relatives:

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Hurricane Sandy update

Posted by Bill Beard

November 2, 2012

To our customers and friends,

First and foremost, if you have been impacted by Hurricane Sandy, we hope that you and your loved ones are safe and sound.

You probably didn't know TheLadders headquarters are located in lower Manhattan. Like most of that area, our office is currently still without power and our entire staff is working remotely. Despite the hurricane, our employees have been working tirelessly to get our teams and systems running so that we can continue to serve you. At this time, we can gladly assist you with customer service requests via email at
or on live chat via

We will respond to emails within 24-72 hours. Hopefully, phone support will be available starting Monday.

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Tales from Vegas

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

October 24, 2012

Last week, we headed to Vegas for the Recruiting Trends Conference 2012.  The conference took place at the famous Caesars Palace Hotel, where the team and I had the pleasure of meeting a bunch of great people.  HR professionals stopped by our booth to learn about our Passport product, which offers unlimited search and post, and the ability to send targeted hiring alerts, all for FREE!  We didn’t stop there - we also showcased our new mobile app, Recruitable, which connects on-the-go recruiters to our more than 5 million job-seeking members.

We gave away tumblers and tote bags to everyone that stopped by, and one lucky winner won the grand price of an iPad3. I’m happy to announce our lucky winner was Kiki Rice, the talent acquisition manager for Toyota Motor Sales.

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Get Elected Into a New Job

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

October 22, 2012

With the Presidential election closing in, many Americans are focused on what most of us would consider the biggest “interview” process for the title of “Leader of the Free World.” Our own job search, however, is no less important. Candidates can learn a lot from the Presidential candidates, in terms of what strategies to employ and what tactics to avoid.

If you’ve watched the debates (or have been within 100 miles of a computer), you know that the first debate went to the candidate who was better equipped and engaged. By asking questions during interviews, job seekers can show the hiring manager that they have done their research and are genuinely interested in the company. That said, it’s imperative to have the facts. Know the company’s strengths, and also the areas that can be improved, and make sure to call out personal strengths that will positively impact the company, overall.

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25,000 and Counting

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

October 19, 2012

We’re in celebratory mode here at TheLadders! On October 11th, we hosted TheLadders Connect NYC where details of our new products were announced by Co-Founder and COO Alex Douzet.

With the release of Passport, which gives recruiters free access to unlimited post and search, we have reached a significant milestone – we now have more than 25,000 recruiters and hiring managers using TheLadders for their hiring needs.

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