TheLadders Partners with eQuest

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

November 15, 2012

TheLadders is happy to announce a new partnership with eQuest, the world’s most utilized job posting distribution solution which enables companies to automatically post their open positions on TheLadders. Effective this week, eQuest clients can automatically post ALL of their professional positions on TheLadders, with no additional effort or cost.

This partnership is a true win-win for both parties. eQuest is able to offer their clients ease of use and free advertisement, and TheLadders can now showcase open positions to its members that historically wouldn’t be published on its site. In the coming weeks, TheLadders will see an increase of more than 50,000 jobs due to this new partnership.

The hard work between TheLadders’ and eQuests’ development teams over the past few months has brought this partnership to fruition. We’re thrilled to bring more job opportunities to our members and give recruiters more tools to create meaningful connections with potential candidates.

Thomas Murphy is the manager of recruiter experience at TheLadders. Tom works with his team to understand how recruiters use technology to help them find the best candidates. When not talking shop about HR, he is trying to get back in shape so he does not embarrass himself at the team triathlon next year.

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