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Posted by Todd Hoza

December 9, 2011

TheLadders blog is always sharing great stories about how our team helps our members, but we're also proud of the accomplishments our team make out of the office. Today, I'd like to share with you a story about Michael Castro. Mike first started at TheLadders almost 2 years ago as a Job Search Advisor. It was his job to help TheLadders members use the site and to find the right jobs for the right person.

But Mike had a talent and passion that we didn't know about.

Mike is an amazing and talented filmmaker. When he isn't writing or performing his own music, he's shooting videos and films on his Canon 5D. TheLadders first saw his talents come to life when Anita Samojednik, TheLadders VP of Customer Operations, had Mike make a film about his fellow Job Search Advisors for a QTF (Quarterly Talk Forum) meeting. Everyone was blown away by the quality and style of the video. I've personally worked in film and video with top commercial directors, and I was overwhelmed. TheLadders had a top director and editor in our midst. TheLadders CEO & Founder Marc Cenedella made it clear we needed to put his talents to good use. Mike moved over to TheLadders UX group, and over the past year has shot and edited over 15 videos. You can see all of his work for TheLadders on our YouTube channel – combined his TheLadders videos have almost 50,000 views.

Recently, Mike submitted a short film to the LA Comedy Shorts Festival. TheLadders is proud of our talented editor and producer, Michael Castro. Please watch and witness the talent we see everyday.

A short film by Mayfair Jollies.

"Love D.O.A."

Written by Jason Resnikoff & Shalani Tripathi
Directed, shot and edited by Mike Castro
Produced by Joe O'Brien, Mike Castro and Jason Resnikoff

Jason Resnikoff
Shalini Tripathi
Maegan Pachomski
Paolo Po
Joe O'Brien

Featuring the music of Steve Mahoney ("Ever the Optimist") and The Lesser Ghost. Also featuring ambient sounds by Kevin MacLeod.

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