TheLadders’ Customer-Service Difference

Posted by Todd Hoza

May 12, 2011

Most companies look at customer service in a silo. Service personnel are expected to regurgitate talking points, call scripts and marketing spin over the phone, email, chat, or in person to ticket numbers. The unfortunate result: Customer service is perceived as a cost center whose sole purpose is to keep customers quiet.

At TheLadders, we wholeheartedly reject this notion of customer service. The purpose of our customer-service team is to help people find the right job as quickly and painlessly as possible. We believe this so strongly that we’ve even named our customer-service department the Job Search Support Center.
This philosophy has led us to do things that would cause the leaders of many customer-service departments to shudder in horrified disbelief.

Every Premium member is assigned to a Job Search Advisor. Your Job Search Advisor is a real human being who works out of our Lower Manhattan office and helps you succeed in your job search.

Job Search Advisors participate in ongoing training – close to 1,000 hours of classroom training last year alone! The job search as it exists today is frustrating and confusing, and accepted best practices are in continuous flux. Our calling at TheLadders is to learn the right way to search for a job and pass that knowledge on to you. Rather than go with our gut and guess, we have a research department that’s tasked with building data-based best practices. The Job Search Support Center training team takes the output of those research studies and develops trainings to pass that knowledge on to your Job Search Advisor, so he or she can pass it on to you. In addition, we have 50+ certified career expects on staff and 35 percent of Job Search Advisors are Certified Professional Career Coaches (CPCC), and that percentage is continuously growing.

Job Search Advisors’ primary goal is to make you successful. Most customer-service departments try to decrease the amount of time they spend speaking with customers. We do the exact opposite. Your Job Search Advisor is encouraged to spend as much time as is necessary to learn about your goals and help you find the right job.

Every job is hand-screened before being placed on the Web site. In an effort to help you find the right job as quickly and painlessly as possible, we have a team of Job Analysts whose goal is to ensure the quality of the jobs you see. Since most companies aren’t willing to divulge specific salary information, we’ve developed strict criteria based on factors such as job function, required education and experience, and industry. We’re proud of the criteria we’ve developed because they’ve enabled us to achieve 99 percent accuracy while continuing to post tens of thousands of jobs every month.

Although we don’t come to work every day in an effort to win awards, it’s always a good feeling to have your hard work recognized. For the fourth consecutive year,TheLadders Job Search Support Center is a finalist for the American Business Award’s Customer Service Department of the Year!

Heath Wolfeld

Heath Wolfeld is the Manager of Customer Engagement Technology in TheLadders’ Job Search Support Center. A one- sentence bio about Heath would most likely mention music, photography, politics, process and creating experiences that delight customers.


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