TheLadders Celebrates the Olympics

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

August 6, 2012

Corporate culture is an important part of any company’s well-being. Here at TheLadders, we love to find reasons to get together and have fun.

In celebration of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games (which we have streaming in our break rooms), our company’s internal Our Team Wins Council  brainstormed  ways to foster employee involvement and engagement. The result? An Olympic-themed event in true style of TheLadders! By the way, for those who don’t have the Olympics being blasted in the office, I encourage you to check out TheCareerChronicles blog on watching the Olympics at work while still being productive!


For our own special version of The Games, we participated in a variety of Olympic-inspired sports that we recreated in physical form such as ping pong and soccer, while others, such as boxing, were simulated digitally with the assistance of Xbox 360 and Wii gaming consoles. Fortunately, our games weren’t bound by the rules of the International Olympic Committee, so we offered several non-Olympic events such as dance-offs, bowling, foosball, darts and Pictionary, enabling all of us to embrace our competitive spirit.

It was a great evening of fun, food, and fitness…I just hope we don’t have to wait years to host it again! In the meantime, TheLadders will be training for the 2014 Winter Olympics...although I'm unsure how we can practice the cold-weather sports from inside our SoHo offices!

Kai Brinker is a product manager at TheLadders. When he’s not managing product-implementation roadmaps and roll-out strategies, he enjoys exploring New York City’s outer boroughs by bicycle and scoping out the finest Austrian cuisine the city has to offer.


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