TheLadders and StreetWise Partners Join Forces to ‘Train the Trainer’

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

September 18, 2012

Mentoring job seekers is a common goal that StreetWise Partners and TheLadders have always had in common. On Tuesday, September 11th, the two entities came together once again to present the ‘Train the Trainer’ session to approximately 75 mentors.

TheLadders Job Search Expert Amanda Augustine instructed the mentors on how to effectively coach their trainees. Throughout the night, the mentors learned how to overcome various obstacles including unemployment, employee gaps, and job-hopping.

Mentors broke into five different groups to execute role-playing scenarios moderated by talent specialists, career advisers, and resume writers from TheLadders in addition to seasoned mentors from StreetWise Partners, an organization that works with low-income individuals to help them overcome employment barriers and achieve economic self-sufficiency. The mentors were then charged with devising a plan that would help to build rapport, set short- and long-term goals, and manage expectations with their trainees.

For example, new mentors Jessica and Tanya were given the following scenario: Ramona, a recent college graduate, is extremely shy when it comes to networking and doesn’t feel confident enough to approach potential employers. The two mentors worked together to come up with a strategy to conquer these fears with the help of an experienced mentor, Kimberly Fernandez.

Kimberly instructed the group to present their shy mentees with small challenges, such as sending them to local organizations to retrieve business cards. “My trainee soon learned she could become more and more confident on a daily basis,” Kimberly said.

Following the interactive sessions, Amanda wrapped up the successful event and wished all the mentors good luck.  We look forward to participating in more events with StreetWise Partners and striving towards the ultimate goal of launching new careers!

Meena Rupani is a Resume Writer for TheLadders in New York City who loves to engage clients in effectively restructuring their resume to land them the perfect job. She also loves reading and spending quality time with her loving family.

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