TheLadders and StreetWise Partners dynamic duo teams up again

Posted by Bill Beard

June 18, 2012

Launching your career isn’t something that happens overnight. At TheLadders, it’s the goal we work toward with every client we speak to, no matter what their job history. It’s the mission that everyone has on their brain at our Soho offices. On Saturday, career advisors, talent specialists and resume writers from the TheLadders teamed up with StreetWise Partners (again) to present at Career Boot Camp and deliver on our mission.

StreetWise Partners offer job skills training and mentoring for job seekers facing employment obstacles. Seventy StreetWise Partners mentors and trainees took part in a half-day event, which supported talent and economic growth in New York City. The day started off with a bang with speeches from TheLadders Job Search Expert Amanda Augustine, VP of Marketing and Engagement Leslie Semegran, and VP of Enterprise Marketing Denise Cautela, along with StreetWise Board member Singleton Beato, and Junior Board member Luke Guerrero.

Following the wonderful speeches, TheLadders presented workshops in job applications, networking and personal branding. Each presentation offered a unique perspective in what it takes to land the perfect job. All of the candidates came away with more information on the job search process and some walked away with prizes after a raffle!

Alfrancine Harvin, a graduate who frequently attends StreetWise Partners events said, “I liked the event a lot. As a job developer, I strive to connect the older age group with the younger generations. This event today definitely gave me the tools I needed to do this more effectively.”

We look forward to presenting more events in conjunction with StreetWise Partners and striving towards the ultimate goal of launching new careers!

Meena Rupani is a Resume Writer for TheLadders in New York City who loves to engage clients in effectively restructuring their resume to land them the perfect job. She also loves reading and spending quality time with her loving family.



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