Taking time to say ‘Thank You’

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

November 7, 2012

As Alex Douzet, COO & co-founder of TheLadders, shared with all of our job seekers last week, our headquarters is located in lower Manhattan, which was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy. Without power, the office was shut down for 10 days. That said, TheLadders did not falter once!  Besides our site being fully operational for our Job Seekers, we also reached our highest number of jobs on our site EVER – more than 235,000!

In addition, our Job Search Support Team set up remote offices -- at home, friends’ houses, Starbucks, or local libraries -- to help support our members. In fact, preparation started even before the hurricane; we went old school and compiled a phone tree, just in case there were critical updates and customer service reps couldn't access their email. Even with the office closed on Monday, the team hit the ground running that morning. TheLadders’ Job Search Support Team began responding to our members’ emails at our normal 9 a.m. start time on Monday, October 29. Because Mondays are one of the highest-volume days, we wanted to make sure we were ready for our Job Seekers’ questions.

By noon on Monday, we had updated our Voicemail, and Help and FAQ sections on TheLadders.com, to provide our Job Seekers with timely instructions for getting support during the hurricane. By Friday, we were up-and-running on Chat and providing live support to our Job Seekers, even though we were all still working from our make-shift offices.

We believe our support plan worked for four reasons:

    1. It clearly and quickly answered the most frequently asked questions from job seekers;

    1. The message was consistent across all channels: FAQ, Help, Facebook, Twitter and emails;

    1. There was consistent internal communication, which allowed us to update our members in real time;

    1. Last, but definitely not least, we have amazingly supportive members!

The Job Search Support team would like to say THANK YOU for all of your kind words, prayers, and patience with us last week. We were thrilled to re-open our office on Monday morning and look forward to speaking, emailing, and chatting with more of you throughout the week!

Christina Kane is the Manager of Talent Specialists and our Job Search Support Center at TheLadders. Outside of work she is preparing for her Fantasy Football draft, raving about her adorable Godson and attending A LOT of weddings.

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