Stand and deliver

Posted by TheLadders

May 23, 2011

Standing on the job can help you focus on productivity.


TheLadders Director of User Experience Jeff Gothelf is no slouch — either at his work or at his desk.

Jeff, who oversees the look and feel of TheLadders online, likes to stay ahead of the latest innovations in how people interact with technology. That extends to the best way to occupy a workspace, as the Salt Lake City Tribune reported Friday.

Jeff recently responded to research into the health benefits of standing while working at your computer by raising his desk and spending his workdays at the helm. He told the Tribune he’s already noticed improvements: “I’m a lot more focused,” he told the paper. “I also do a lot more walking around, because it’s easier when you’re already standing to just walk over and talk to someone.”

While somebody has to be the trendsetter, Jeff wasn’t the only man standing for long in TheLadders office: Two of our colleagues have already adopted the vertical work style.

“They just sort of sprouted up like mushrooms,” Jeff told the Tribune.

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