SHRM Attendee Wins $5,000 Vacation

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

July 17, 2012

Congratulations to Carol Ann Witschi from Seattle, Washington for winning our SHRM 2012 raffle! Out of the thousands who trekked TheLadders’ Hire Mountain at SHRM 2012 and signed up for a complimentary Passport account, Carol was the lucky winner of a $5,000 vacation of her choice. Additionally, she can now use her Passport membership with TheLadders to post job openings, search for relevant resumes, and connect with candidates from our job-seeker community, all while sipping her mojito on a remote island beach. Talk about a win-win!

Even though you did not get the grand prize, you can still win big by going to and signing up for Passport. Post unlimited job openings on TheLadders and search our job-seeker community freely to find appropriate candidates.

We look forward to making you a winner in your recruiting efforts.

Kean Gardner is an Account Manager of Recruiter Relations for TheLadders who loves to ensure that every recruiter knows how to find, and connect with, the best candidates for their jobs. He also loves to rip holes in the dance floor and educate on healthy living.  

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