Projecting the Spotlight

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

February 7, 2013

Providing the means for a thorough understanding of TheLadders for employers has always been the main focus for Enterprise Account Management at TheLadders. We believe that proper education for our employer population will not only increase overall client engagement, but will contribute to maximizing proper and effective site-use as well.

More than a year ago, we started conducting “Spotlight Demos” on TheLadders in real time. In these sessions, rather than reviewing the entire site at once, we chose to pinpoint certain features for each month’s focus. This provided an opportunity to re-review permanent site functions and to introduce new features as they were added to the site. Choosing to do this on a more singular level has resulted in increased overall site use.

After measuring the success of the Spotlight Trainings, we quickly made these sessions more available to our recruiter base by increasing the number of demos held each month, and inviting more recruiters to participate. Since the start of the program, we have seen an increase of five times the amount of registrants per session, and that number only continues to grow. Additionally, by the end of each month’s training, the overall use of the highlighted topic spikes upwards of 15 percent, which is great news for our clients and the Account Management team!

Keep your eyes open for the Spotlight Training registration emails, and reserve your “spot” today!

Roxanne Prendergast is a Team Lead for the Account Managers in the Recruiter Relations department where she ensures that each client is properly educated on how to effectively maximize their time on-site.  Outside of work, she enjoys coaching both men and women’s volleyball at Yeshiva University.

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