Pitching for All Womenkind

Posted by Bill Beard

June 2, 2012

When I learned that the two agencies on the June 3rd episode of AMC’s The Pitch were both located in Manhattan and were vying for a women’s fashion retailer, I knew that this was a unique opportunity that we just had to capture. We headed to Times Square to the offices of Womenkind, a marketing and communications company, which was “built by women to engage women the way women really want to be engaged.”

Sitting down with co-founders Sandy Sabean, Chief Creative Officer, and Kristi Faulkner, President, we listened to what these two women knew about who controls 85% of all purchases in the United States: women. They discussed how their agency translates the findings gleaned from their research into innovative solutions for their clients who want to understand and motivate women. In fact, they frequently tap into their “muses” of dynamic influencers for their insight about what will inspire women to buy – and talk about -- brands.

Womenkind will be competing against DIGO, a 14 year-old agency focusing on small to mid-sized companies, which was co-founded by two men, Mark DiMassimo, CEO and Chief Creative Officer, and Lee Goldstein, President. With female co-founders against male co-founders, Sunday’s episode will no doubt be a battle of the sexes on multiple levels: the client, C. Wonder, is owned by Chris Burch, ex-husband of designer Tory Burch and co-founder of her namesake brand. Did you catch all that?

Who will Chris Burch pick as his right-hand (wo)man to represent his concept boutique? Tune in this Sunday, June 3rd, at 11pm ET to find out. An hour beforehand, I’ll be watching Mad Men, my favorite battle of the sexes!

Lisa Hagendorf is the Vice President of Public Relations for TheLadders where she is a huge ambassador of the brand in the office. At the gym. And on the street. She just can’t stop talking about TheLadders. Ever.



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