Is there a Magnum P.I. convention in town?

Posted by Todd Hoza

November 29, 2011

You may be walking around your city/town wondering to yourself — have I traveled back in time to 1977?

Nope! It’s Movember. Movember is a campaign to raise awareness and funds to support the fight against prostate/testicular cancer. The movement began in Australia (where the nick name for moustache is “Mo”) and is now a global force.

During month of November men around the world grow moustaches and gather sponsors to donate to the cause. It’s a fun way to generate awareness for a sometimes forgotten issue — men’s health.

Here at TheLadders, a group of 24 proud and brave men to rock the ‘stache for the entire month. So far we’ve raised $5,200 and are almost at our lofty goal of $6k. As capitan of the team, I can tell you it’s no easy task walking around for a month with a ferret on your upper lip. Mothers hide their children, girls shoot dirty looks and I keep getting offers to be a Burt Reynolds stunt double. The point is that a moustache is quite ostentatious accessory and everyone has an opinion. But, that’s the point! Every glare, every snarl, every fleeing old lady is a chance to spread the word. It’s a living billboard for men’s health, and the 24 men of TheLadders have done a smashing job of generating funds and fun to kick cancer’s butt.

We’ve even created a calendar to memorialize our efforts. A beautiful desk calendar available for only $10. Every person purchasing the calendar will not only be contributing to a worthwhile cause but, ensuring a 2012 full of daily creepiness!

If you’re interested in donating click here.

    1. Click “Donate to team” on the left hand side or find your favorite moustache dude on the right hand side of the page to donate individually

    1. Fill out the required information

    1. Give the ‘stache and cancer research a monetary boost

If you would like this alluring desk calendar, just email me and I’ll make the magic happen for you!

JP Russo is a sales executive for the enterprise sales team. When he’s not creeping people out with his moustache he is making sure recruiters and HR directors across the country get the most qualified candidates in the least amount of time.



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