In the Wake of Hurricane Sandy…and Beyond

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

November 5, 2012

While the worst of Hurricane Sandy is behind us, the Tri-State Area has a long road ahead until relative normalcy is restored. Devastation has wreaked havoc upon our shores, lives and homes have been tragically lost, and cherished times have been etched into our memories forever.

But as Americans continue to prove, tumultuous times bring us closer together. After our COO and Co-founder, Alex Douzet, published his blog post last week, we have received an overwhelming response of concern and well wishes from our members, clients and friends. The comments below, and many like them, have brought us hope and gratitude. We are very thankful for each and every one of your thoughts and prayers.

I’m happy to report that power has been restored to TheLadders’ headquarters in lower Manhattan, and our staff is excited and relieved to be back onsite as of this morning. What’s more, I’m so proud to be a part of a team that, despite their personal experiences with Hurricane Sandy, came together to help each other and service our customers to the best of our ability. While our office at 137 Varick Street remained closed due to loss of power all last week, our IT team worked relentlessly to provide remote access to the entire company, and those who could work, did work – a lot. Customer service remained available to help our customers on both email and live chat and all other departments proceeded as usual, in very unusual circumstances.

Kudos to the entire team for their effort, endurance and determination during, and in the wake of, Hurricane Sandy.

Outstanding Mr. Douzet!! It is people like yourself (and team) that make quality businesses what they are....successful. May God, the father, keep a close watch out over you, your family and your work family at "TheLadders" until this monumental tragedy has subsided, in Jesus name, Amen.

- Todd P.

Dear Alex, My thoughts are with you and your members. Please let me know if I can assist in anyway, really and sincerely.

- S. Rezani

Prayers and thoughts are with all of your team impacted by this unbelievable storm. It is a time for family and taking care of each other. Job searches are small compared to the challenges you all are facing. God Bless and may everyone be safe and comforted soon. I would love to land a new job, but respectfully, I want the lives of your staff to get back on track, as well. Many prayers and thoughts of hope.

- Tony E.

I really appreciate the update. God bless TheLadders HQ team in the lower Manhattan area. Our prayers are with you and your families.

- Rich

To Alex, the Staff at TheLadders and our extended family affected by this week's weather, Our hearts and hopes go out to you! We empathize with the challenges, inconveniences and the sad losses that you are enduring from Hurricane Sandy's devastation. It is our hope that you are all safe and your challenges are easily overcome.

- George

Thank you so much for getting in touch with all of us under these conditions and continuing to provide support and help to us. It should be us who live on the West Coast  to provide support to you. My positive thoughts and blessings to you and your employees and company and all those affected by this storm. I know that you can ride this challenge.

- Jolin C.

I just hope all are safe after such a terrible storm.  I live in CA, but grew up in NJ.  My heart is broken to see my Jersey Shore so terribly hit hard.  I feel for all you!!

- Michele S.

Patty Youngclaus is the associate manager of public relations at TheLadders. Outside of work, Patty enjoys going to the beach, playing softball and being around family and friends. Once football season begins, her weekends (and sometimes Thursdays, Mondays and Saturdays) are reserved for the New York Giants.

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