Hunting for Talent in All the Right Places

Posted by Todd Hoza

May 20, 2011

“I LOVE the thrill of the hunt!” That sentiment might lead you to believe I’m a member of our Sales Team … FALSE! I am actually a Talent Specialist on our FitFinder team who truly enjoys applying my Boolean search skills to help the recruiters I work with discover what will hopefully be their next hire!

I personally work with 45 recruiters who’ve signed up with TheLadders and act as an extension of their recruiting activities as they look for job seekers like you. Here’s how it works: A recruiter is assigned a $100K+ position to fill, we have a quick call to review the job description and discuss any additional hiring needs I should know about, and then I set to work scouring our database for the best possible matches. Here’s how it works best: The more information recruiters provide with me about a job’s needs, the more honed my results can be.

Patty Garabedian is the Director of Talent Acquisition at Euro-Pro, one of my recruiters. This is what she had to say about one of my hunts …
“All [these candidates] look like good possibilities! I forwarded to [my] hiring manager, and we are actually bringing in two of the candidates that you presented – thank you!”

- Patty Garabedian, Euro-Pro

There are 34 other Talent Specialists just like me, who love the thrill of the hunt. With over 700 hunting expeditions on our agenda this week alone, we look forward to sharing more of our Wins in the future!

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Erin Woytowicz is a Talent Specialist at TheLadders. She’s a big fan of concerts and traveling; she’s been to Bonnaroo twice and All Points West once