Hey Everyone, Come See How Good We Look!

Posted by Bill Beard

November 26, 2012

Ah yes, the legendary Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrel's famous news hound from the movie Anchorman is quite the character. Not only for his perfect hair and sharp wit, but also for his mustache. Have you seen that thing? I want to be friends with it.

There are plenty of famous people and characters who are hirsute on the upper lip, but Burgundy is one of my favorites. Here at TheLadders, we may not hold a candle to most of them, but some of us are trying during November.

It's all for Movember, which raises awareness and funds to fight prostate and testicular cancer. Basically, men grow a mustache for the month of November. In my experience, it usually prompts this exchange from friends, coworkers and relatives:

Them: "What's going on with your face?"
Me: "Do you like it?"
Them: "God, no. You look like you belong on To Catch a Predator."
Me: "Well, it's for Movember. I'm raising money to fight man-cancer. You should donate."
Them: "Oh. I'll give you money because that's a good cause. But you still look creepy."

That's the sacrifice we men make during Movember. And it's been a huge success. Since its inception in Australia in 2003, Movember has raised $126 million to support charitable organizations such as LIVESTRONG and the Prostate Cancer Foundation.

You can help TheLadders Movember team fight cancer. Donate on our MoLadder Team Page.

Together, we can wipe out cancer once and for all. And then I'll never grow a mustache again, I promise.

William Beard's current "mo"William Beard is the Associate Creative Director of Copy for TheLadders. He appreciates the irony of someone with the last name "Beard" growing a mustache. This is his current "Mo." Needless to say, his social life is on hold this month.


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