Get the Latest Advice—on Both Sides of the Employment Scene

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

July 25, 2012

At TheLadders, we pride ourselves in providing our members and affiliates with valuable tools that make the job search as seamless, and painless, as possible. As such, I’m very happy to announce that we’ve added two more resources to our already established arsenal: The Career Chronicles and the Recruit Blog.

The Career Chronicles is TheLadders’ premier job search and career advice blog, written by our talented staff of resume writers and career coaches. Additionally, beginning today, our resident Job Search Expert Amanda Augustine will answer your toughest job-search questions in her weekly advice column Ask Amanda. If you have a question for Amanda, submit it here for a chance to be featured in an upcoming column.

For our recruiters and employers, we have our new Recruit Blog, which is chock-full of information from our enterprise team about candidate sourcing, resume selection and interviewing. What's more, we will publish a variety proprietary research conducted by TheLadders to arm you with valuable insight into the mindsets of today’s job candidates.

In our mission to supply you with the best resources available, we hope that you find these new tools useful. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Patty Youngclaus is the associate manager of public relations at TheLadders. Outside of work, Patty enjoys going to the beach, playing softball and being around family and friends. Once football season begins, her weekends (and sometimes Mondays and Saturdays) are reserved for the New York Giants.

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