FitFinder 2.0

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

December 26, 2012

Recruiters frequently have days when they don't have a spare minute to find new candidates for open positions, which is usually because they are busy meeting with employers to talk about MORE open positions that need to be filled. This is where a Talent Specialist comes in handy!  Recruiters with TheLadders have access to FitFinder, which is a service executed by a team of Talent Specialists that sources candidates for you.  In the last two years, the FitFinder team has worked with hundreds of recruiters, on thousands of job openings, to identify the most qualified candidates for their open positions.

While our service was saving recruiters time sourcing candidates, it wasn’t uncommon for the selected job seekers to decline interest or become unresponsive once contacted by the recruiter. So, we took it a step further and are now “pre-screening” qualified job seekers to confirm their interest in job openings before submitting their information to recruiters.

Now, within 72 hours, we are able to provide recruiters with job seekers who are not only a fit for their openings, but have confirmed interest in their jobs! This gives recruiters more time to build relationships and schedule interviews with the right job seekers.

Having piloted this service for more than six months, we are extremely satisfied with the positive feedback we have received from our recruiters and members alike. So, if you are a recruiter and haven’t experienced FitFinder, what are you waiting for!?

Carrie Markworth is the Jr. Manager of the FitFinder team at TheLadders. She has spent the last two years mastering Boolean search and helping recruiters find the perfect match for their open positions. When she's not working, she is out exploring Manhattan and trying to find the best burger in the city! 

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