Finding the Perfect Fit, With DIGO

Posted by Bill Beard

June 2, 2012

Right from the start, it was clear to me that these guys were experts.

On AMC’s new show, The Pitch, two ad agencies go head-to-head for a piece of new business. The ability to win new business can make or break an agency. Pitching a client is a fast-paced, exciting, and often highly stressful experience that only the best pros excel at.

One of the agencies in this weekend’s episode of The Pitch is DIGO, an integrated full service brand and business growth agency. I had the opportunity to head over to their offices in Manhattan and talk with DIGO’s Founder and CEO, Mark DiMassimo, and President Lee Goldstein.

We talked about the pitch process. The job search. And the importance of finding the right fit. Right off the bat, it was clear these guys knew what they were talking about.

As a job seeker, you only have to pitch yourself when you’re in a job search. These guys? They pitch for a living.

Watch the video to hear what they had to say. You’ll be as impressed as I was. And there’s plenty that you can take away for your own job search.

Of course, don’t forget to catch The Pitch on Sunday, June 3rd, at 11 PM ET. If you want to see how the pros do it, that’s your chance to catch Mark and Lee in action!

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