Creating a Better Job Search for All Professionals

Posted by Todd Hoza

September 23, 2011

It’s been a busy summer here at The Ladders. Over the past five-plus months, we have been working hard to extend our product offering to service all professionals during their job search. The Product, Technology and Customer Support teams approached the project with two core objectives:

    • Simplify the job search for everyone. We constantly hear from job seekers that the process of finding the right job has gotten harder, not easier. In fact, because the Internet has made it simple to publish jobs, it has created a cluttered and confusing landscape for job seekers. Using a mixture of people and technology, we sort through millions of jobs a year to make sure real jobs are presented to our members. Now that we are serving all professionals, we have taken our screening process a step further to sort jobs into the correct pay scale.

    • Efficiently surface relevant candidates to recruiters. The pressures and time constraints of a recruiter’s day demand that only relevant candidates are delivered to their desktop. We have been doing this for years to help recruiters hire $100K+ candidates. This experience has taught us a lot about the technology and human processes required to sort candidates for recruiters. We have taken that learning and extended it to cover all professional job seekers. Thus recruiters can now expect to see candidates correctly segmented by function and pay scale.

We are very proud of the online tools we have developed. In fact, we want to get them in the hands of all professional job seekers and recruiters. To this end, over the coming months, we will be making some of our functionality free in a new basic product. Simply go to and give it a shot. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Eric Burd is Vice President of Product for He brings extensive experience in the management of product marketing and development to the company. At TheLadders, he leads the product and creative teams in the development and execution of the long-term, customer-focused vision of the company.

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