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Posted by Todd Hoza

May 24, 2011

PerscholasOn Wednesday, May 25, TheLadders will host its second class of Adult Technology students from Per Scholas, a social venture dedicated to using technology to improve the lives of people in low-income communities. We had a very positive response when we hosted our first class in December (pictured below), and we’re thrilled to be bringing it back so soon!

We’ll be hosting a class of soon-to-be-graduates working towards a technology certification and will base job searches on their new qualifications. TheLadders is no stranger to bringing technology and the job search together. We’ve prepared an integrated agenda including a resume-building discussion, a panel discussion about careers in technology, a job search advice workshop and a guided office tour. TheLadders has also been selected to host Per Scholas’ all-women class, and we have 25 volunteers from all across TheLadders geared up to make the most of their day here.

Stay tuned for our update on how the day goes! We hope the feedback is as positive as the comments we received in December:
“I honestly feel that every person added to my experience in their own way, everyone brought something to the table that I learned from.”

“ was great, especially the atmosphere. Their genuine willingness to help us and accommodate all of our questions was incredible.”

“I have never been to a corporation or employment agency and it was fascinating. Having the opportunity to tour a reputable corporation and meet current technology professionals allowed me to better myself for a career after graduation.”

Hayley Soltesz

Hayley Soltesz is a Financial Analyst at She loves to travel and hates to cook; she knew New York was the place for her when she discovered she could experience Thailand, Italy and Mexico from the comfort of her apartment without having to turn on the stove.

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