Coding Like Crazy at General Assembly

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

November 9, 2012

At TheLadders, we currently have a greater UX goal to incorporate our design process more dynamically and efficiently, so when my boss asked me if I wanted to attend an HTML & CSS workshop at a collaborative workspace called General Assembly, I jumped at the opportunity.

General Assembly is a global network of campuses for people seeking opportunity and education in technology, business, and design. It has locations in most major cities, both nationally and internationally, and its memberships provide private desk space to individuals, along with office space for deserving organizations. Partnerships with major philanthropic companies and corporations help to keep its engine going. They also offer a variety of workshops, covering topics from effective project management to powerful social media techniques, that incorporate hands-on education.

This particular workshop took place over a weekend – five hours on Saturday, and five hours on Sunday.  The instructor, Chris Castiglione, focused on what he called the good parts vs. the bad parts of the language.  He then educated us about the elements were expected to work with, mainly Front-end Web Development:

Front-end Web Development (FEWD): the process of writing code to provide the layout of a site, and how things look and behave in the browser. At its core, there are only three front-end languages: HTML, CSS and JavaS.

    • HTML is the STRUCTURE of our page 

    • CSS is the PRESENTATION (or style) of our page 

    • JS is often referred to as the BEHAVIOR of a web page

We then went into Sublime Text and began to code like crazy!  By the end of the workshop, we were able to create basic sites that ran completely on HTML & CSS. It was a fantastic experience, and I highly recommend General Assembly as a valuable resource for all technology professionals!

Tesia Kosmalski is a User Experience Designer at TheLadders. When she’s not ensuring high quality and meaningful user experiences online, she makes art with wacky things like electronics, sound and sometimes textiles even. 

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