Building Strategy Into the Job Search

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

January 25, 2013

If you were taking a road trip from New York to Miami, you wouldn’t start the trip by heading northwest for the first few hours, would you?  Probably not. It doesn’t make sense and would take you away from your goal. You’d be much more strategic - planning your route, mapping out possible detours and even forecasting layover spots along the way…and heading due south.

A strategic job search is much like a roadmap for a trip.  Your career goal serves as the ultimate destination, and the strategies and tactics you employ comprise your roadmap and itinerary.

Have you considered your job search in light of an overall strategy?  Sometimes, job seekers expend precious time and energy on activities that don’t get them closer to their goal.  When I speak with job seekers, I almost always use the phrase ‘strategic job search’ as each day’s and week’s tasks should align with a larger plan. This strategic job search plan then informs the overall search process.

On January 10th, I shared seven job search tips in my presentation at The Ladders’ Job Central event at Grand Central Terminal in NYC (for more information, read Forbes columnist Jenna Goudreau’s article, “Seven Strategies To Reboot Your Job Search In 2013”). As you develop your strategy, consider these tips and how they can support you as you move closer to your career goal.

With a strategic job search plan in place, commit to working your plan and moving closer to your goal each and every day. In this competitive employment landscape, working strategically, smartly and steadily are essential to your success.

 Carol Camerino, CCMC, CTTCC                  Back to Work Strategist, Resume Writer &  Career Coach