Bringing original career advice right to you.

Posted by Todd Hoza

January 9, 2012

At TheLadders, we’ve always believed strongly in the providing you with the right piece of career advice. After all, writing the perfect cover letter or asking the right questions in an interview can make all the difference in your job search.

You’ve always had access to our original and exclusive career advice on, but in 2011, we decided to bring our advice right to you.

That meant Twitter, and @TheLadders.

It’s not just working, it’s crushing. We put a superstar copywriter, Kate Addicott, in charge, and @TheLadders now has over 20,000 followers! Not only have we been able to help our customers, but the relationships we’ve developed with job seekers, recruiters, employers and industry experts have been invaluable to us, too.

We hope you’re enjoying @TheLadders and all of our original career advice and job search content. You can check it out on our Twylah page.

Great work, Kate!

And if you’re not already, you should follow us on Twitter here.


Bill Beard is the Associate Creative Director of Copy for TheLadders. He (obviously) loves to travel, always has open, and always takes the cheese option when it’s offered.

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