Behind AMC's "The Pitch," with Conversation's Frank O'Brien

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May 11, 2012

Frank O'Brien is the founder of Conversation, a "new traditional" ad agency based in New York's Chelsea neighborhood. Frank is used to big moments. He's started his own agency, has made clutch pitches and won big-time clients. He even recently opened his own bar on New York's Upper West Side. No stranger to pressure, is Frank.

But Monday is a big moment for Frank. Conversation, his agency, will be on national TV as a part of AMC's "The Pitch," which is a documentary/reality TV show about two rival agencies competing for a new piece of business. In this case, the client is Popchips. As a former agency guy myself, I'm curious to see what Frank comes up with for Popchips. They already have a strong brand, and are looking to get stronger, so that means the agency that wins will really have to pull out all the stops to impress them.

TheLadders had the opportunity to stop by Conversation's offices and speak with Frank about his agency, his pitch experience, and what life is like at Conversation. We didn't ask him about the outcome of The Pitch (no spoilers!) but this is a great insider's look into the life of an agency founder and executive.

Be sure to catch Frank and his team on The Pitch on AMC, Monday
at 10 pm.
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Writer's Note: Over the weekend, Frank's episode was moved by AMC to Sunday night and aired at 11 PM. You can see additional coverage and a recap on AMC's site. I won't offer spoliers here, but you can find out the outcome on the site if you want to...

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