Baking For a Cause

Posted by Patty Youngclaus

November 21, 2012

When baked goods are in the office, it’s a guarantee that I’ll be close by! You can count on me to make some, eat many, and finish whatever my co-workers cannot. So when TheLadders organized a bake sale to benefit City Harvest, I signed up to help organize the event.

City Harvest is an organization that exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City. They distribute food to many food programs and educate individuals, families, and communities on the prevention of diet-related disease. Due to Hurricane Sandy, our baking and eating efforts were delayed by two weeks. Still when the day came, I arrived with my strawberry cheesecake, an insatiable appetite, and most importantly, my equally hungry and generous colleagues. We devoured cupcakes of all sorts – Red Velvet, Guinness, and Pumpkin Spice. There was also an assortment of cookies, pumpkin bread, cream puffs, and pumpkin pie!

As a company, we raised $358 for City Harvest. To top it off, TheLadders will make a matching contribution to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund, along with all of our individual contributions, to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

Who ever said that a sweet tooth would only lead to cavities and a few extra pounds?

Mary Frances Usher is a Lead Talent Specialist at TheLadders.  When she isn’t sourcing top talent for recruiters on site and organizing food related events in the office, Mary can be found eating cupcakes, candy, cake, and Chipotle.  

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