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Hacker School says goodbye to 137 Varick Street

Posted by Guest Contributor

August 23, 2013

Hacker School says goodbye to TheLadders headquarters. 

By Nicholas Bergson-Shilcock


Hacker School began life in a small classroom donated by NYU. In the two years since our first batch, it’s grown from six students to 70, and we’ve been housed in everything from a windowless room in Chelsea to a fancy office building on East 9th Street. We’ve even run it in DUMBO lofts and a mezzanine scheduled to be demolished. Hacker School has always been defined by the people and ideas that animate it, and not where it’s located.

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Shaping the paths of tomorrow’s leaders

Posted by Guest Contributor

April 24, 2013

TheLadders takes time to help shape tomorrow's leaders at a local high school career day.

By Rachel Kessous

Last week, we held our third annual Career Day at Richard R. Green High School of Teaching. Career Day is an afternoon when professionals from across the city come to the school to speak with our students in small classroom settings about their career paths and industries. The big idea, of course, is to expose our students to careers they may never have even heard of through a compelling personal connection, in hopes of inspiring them to pursue whatever it is that they really love and are excited about during and after college.

What’s unique about this event is that every single one of our 550 students, regardless of academic standing or self-motivation, gets to participate.

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