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November 20, 2012

As a talent manager, the job search is something that I take very seriously. I spend lots of time researching companies, verifying medium salaries based on the economy and market trends, and preparing for candidate interviews. The fact that 7% of our job seekers “do not send thank you notes” is extremely surprising and begs the question, how important is the job search to you?

In the time I’ve spent interviewing candidates, working with hiring managers, and being a job seeker myself, I’ve found that sending thank you notes is always beneficial. For me, the job-search process has multiple steps, all which require critical attention. I try to truly understand the role I am applying for, confirm that it’s the best fit for my background, prepare for my interview, and send a timely and thoughtful follow-up.

Personally, I have always sent thank you notes to everyone I’ve interviewed with. It requires time and effort out a person’s day to bring you in for an interview, why not be appreciative of that? As a recruiter, I don’t expect a long-winded, detailed description of why you want the role; it needs to re-emphasize your ability to fill the role and show gratitude to the interviewers who spent time with you. I know hiring managers who have passed on hiring candidates strictly because they failed to follow up.

Long story short, sending a thank you note goes a long way and impacts your potential of getting hired, both now, and in the future. Send them!

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Mike Deissig
is the Talent and Technology Development Manager at TheLadders.  Mike is constantly trying to improve the recruiting process and evolve technology integration with recruiting. In his spare time he enjoys watching football, being with friends, and trying all of the food this world has to offer! 

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