15,000 Recruiters & Employers now using TheLadders

Posted by Todd Hoza

December 19, 2011

The past week has been really exciting. We (TheLadders) now have more than 15,000 recruiters and employers actively using our tools and services.

We've been experiencing increased growth due to recently expanding our services to professional candidates of any career level, as well as the continued success of TheLadders Passport™, which helps recruiters find the right match for their jobs at no cost. Since expanding our services, two out of three new job seekers that come to TheLadders are earning annual salaries under $100K. In the same timeframe, the number of jobs posted on TheLadders.com has increased by 80%.

“In the past year, more than 15,000 of the nation’s top recruiters have leveraged TheLadders to find professional-level candidates faster,” said Alex Douzet, president and co-founder of TheLadders. “Recruiters have recognized they gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace because we offer solutions and tools that save them hours upon hours of time every week.”

Passport, a limited set of TheLadders tools available to recruiters for free, has seen more than 33 percent growth since launching its free search accessin August. In addition to searching for professional candidates on TheLadders, recruiters who join Passport also receive:

    • A Job Post to advertise their open job to more than 5 million professional-level candidates

    • Access to Pipeline, TheLadders social recruitment tool, which helps recruiters build and engage their own network of top candidates

    • Candidate Management tools that easily store, sort, access and organize candidates

For immediate information related to staffing, recruiters or employers can call TheLadders at 866-292-7083 to speak with one of our top enterprise representatives or visit us online.

Denise Cautela is the VP, Enterprise Marketing at TheLadders. Denise is a veteran in the online recruitment space with more years as a marketer than she cares to admit. In the limited spare time she has between being
a VP at TheLadders and parenting, she is also a
passionate advocate for issues around women
in the workplace and single mothers.

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