HubSpot thinks your “careers” site is broken

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January 21, 2014

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

By David Fernandez

HubSpot_LogoSo there we were, the HubSpot recruiting team, sitting around a large conference room table. We were prepped with ideas for solving a problem that to most people didn’t seem like a problem at all.

Let me explain.

recruiter gets an approved headcount. He meets with hiring managers, asks some important questions, then creates the job description. Finally, he publishes it on the company website. Shortly after he blankets the web with said job description. Done. He waits, with fingers crossed. The thing is that this works for generating tens, and in our case, hundreds of resumes but it doesn’t solve for fit. See? We were just marketing our jobs and not US, not our culture. We didn’t just want new employees who could do their jobs extremely well, we also wanted new employees who wanted to be a part of our culture. But how could they learn about our culture without experiencing it firsthand?

Back at our conference room table, we had concluded that our “careers” site was un-remarkable. In comparing our “jobs” site to companies like AirBNB, Foursquare, and Rackspace, we simply knew that we had a terrible case of un-Remarkability. Our aim was to make a “careers” site that acted as a guide for interested candidates just as HubSpot’s Culture Code acts as a guide for HubSpotters.

Don’t tell me, show me

“Potential employees win because they don’t have to guess what it’s like to work here — we show and tell them.” - Leslie Mitchell, Recruiting Manager, HubSpot [Tweet this]

The brainstorm gears began to grind, ideas began to trickle, then pour. Below are the one’s that stuck with us, and all of them are completely doable by nearly every company out there, including those on shoestring budgets.  All that is needed is a group of enterprising (and slightly off kilter) recruiters with a willingness to innovate:

1. Video Presentations

Instead of one video to encompass the culture of the place, why not add multiple videos highlighting our key roles as described by the folks who actually do the jobs being featured? Check out an example here.

2. Choose Your Adventure

HubSpot’s recruiting manager knew an author of choose-your-own-adventure children’s books when she was growing up.  These books were popular in the 80s because the reader played an integral part in how the story unfolded. Isn’t this precisely what we want as candidates? The ability to choose which jobs suit us best, which one’s make the most sense for our skill sets.

3. Tying it Together with Technology

Finally, we leveraged our Customer Optimization System’s capabilities along with our tremendous development talent to put our ideas together.  Using HTML5 canvas to bring the effect of our hallways alive on the website, as well as CSS3 Transitions and Parallax Scrolling to embody HubSpot’s dynamic culture, we managed to get the “feel” we were going for. Check it out here

Conversations with candidates have revealed their experience as interactive and candidate-driven, while also imparting HubSpot’s culture along the way. In a week’s time we have another recruiting team meeting; I wonder what we’ll imagine is broken then?
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David Fernandez is a Senior Recruiter at HubSpot. His professional blog is Recruiting Inbound in which writes posts geared toward candidates believing that better prepared candidates make better employees. Follow David on Twitter @dave_fern to chat or ask questions.





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