Are women working harder so the boys can watch college hoops?

Posted by Thomas Murphy

March 25, 2013

"Nothing will work unless you do."

-- John Wooden, American basketball player and coach [tweet this]

Working for a data-driven tech company, real-time usage from our more than 5 million members is posted on any wall that can handle the weight of a flat- screen TV. So, when I was walking to our kitchen on Thursday evening, my heart skipped a beat. Our site usage was visibly lower than usual. After grabbing the umpteenth Diet Coke of the day from our communal fridge, I remembered a story my father had shared recently.


Earlier in his career at a global financial institution, he and other executives almost made an expensive and hasty decision, based off of late-March data. However, that was until he remembered the effects (now, well-documented) of workplace productivity during March Madness. Unlike the masses watching their favorite college teams hit the hardwood*, we have spent the past few days monitoring both jobseeker and employer site usage. Are we, too, victims of this annual insanity?

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