Responsive web design: The one question for businesses to consider

Posted by Guest Contributor

March 26, 2014

JobMobile NYC panelist shares his organization's transition to a mobile-responsive website.

By Jay Woodruff

Affinity_Resource_GroupHere’s the only question you need to answer in deciding whether to move to a responsive-designed website:

Do you want to stay in business?

About two-thirds of Facebook users now gain access via mobile devices, and for sites like Pandora and Instagram, the number is approaching 100 percent. As more and more people migrate to mobile as their primary access to digital information, you can't afford to not put your best face forward on portable devices.

At Affinity Resource Group, our recruiting practice focuses on digital technologists, so for us the move was a no-brainer. And still we dragged our feet. Our website is important, but it is not our primary revenue driver, so during those first couple of years we were focused on establishing relationships, attracting clients, and making placements. 

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Introducing the app that will change the way you do your job

Posted by Sarah Woodard

March 16, 2014

Revolutionize the way you find top talent with TheLadders’ app.

Between sending emails, calling candidates and checking their social networking pages, recruiters spend a lot of time on their phones. So why is it that such an integral part of the job – sourcing candidates – hasn’t been mobilized? Enter TheLadders.

The newest mobile offering, "TheLadders Recruiter," was built to save you time and revolutionize the way you recruit; enabling you to find top talent while on the go. The app strives for three things: To make your candidate discovery effortless, to show you the most relevant candidates, and to make it fast and easy to directly connect with them, no matter where you are. 

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In their words: Lincoln Financial Group's Jen Warne

Posted by Amanda Augustine

February 24, 2014

Amanda sits down with JobMobile panelist Jen Warne, SVP of Talent for Lincoln Financial Group. 

Jen_WarneJen, how long have you worked at Lincoln Financial Group and what is your current role?

I have had the opportunity to work with Lincoln Financial Group for about three years. As the Senior Vice President of Talent, I lead the strategy and execution of Lincoln’s enterprise talent agenda, which is focused on building organizational and leadership capability, strengthening the talent pipeline, and enhancing Lincoln’s ability to attract and engage talent. I oversee the company’s organizational and leadership effectiveness, recruitment, career management, enterprise learning and development, leadership development, succession planning, and business talent partnering services. 

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The convergence of social media and mobile recruitment

Posted by Guest Contributor

February 21, 2014

Why you need to modernize your entire recruitment process to be competitive in today's candidate-driven market.

By Scott Bass


Technology is continually changing the way recruiters and HR professionals interact with candidates every day. Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter have become a rich source of passive candidates; top professionals that are typically employed.

But is it enough to simply be present on social media?

If the goal is to hire exceptional talent, there has to be more - and all signs point to mobile recruitment as the latest tool in connecting with top candidates. [TWEET]

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HubSpot thinks your “careers” site is broken

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January 21, 2014

If it ain’t broke, why fix it?

By David Fernandez

HubSpot_LogoSo there we were, the HubSpot recruiting team, sitting around a large conference room table. We were prepped with ideas for solving a problem that to most people didn’t seem like a problem at all.

Let me explain.

recruiter gets an approved headcount. He meets with hiring managers, asks some important questions, then creates the job description. Finally, he publishes it on the company website. Shortly after he blankets the web with said job description. Done. He waits, with fingers crossed. The thing is that this works for generating tens, and in our case, hundreds of resumes but it doesn’t solve for fit. See? We were just marketing our jobs and not US, not our culture. We didn’t just want new employees who could do their jobs extremely well, we also wanted new employees who wanted to be a part of our culture. But how could they learn about our culture without experiencing it firsthand?

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Attract top candidates through mobile recruiting

Posted by TheLadders

December 5, 2013

To find the best talent, recruiters must optimize their talent acquisition strategies for the mobile candidate.

Social_Media_MobileA recent Jobvite survey found that 75 percent of the American workforce is comprised of job seekers. Of these job seekers, 77 percent take to their mobile phones to get leads on potential job opportunities. With individuals increasingly relying on mobile devices to job search, recruiters and hiring managers need to follow suit if they want to get the best candidates. As demonstrated in our JobMobile event series, it’s easy to talk about mobilizing recruiting strategies, but actually implementing them can be a challenge.

Here are three mobile strategies that you should take action on immediately to engage and recruit top talent.

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Top recruiting insights from JobMobile Atlanta

Posted by TheLadders

November 4, 2013

TheLadders’ JobMobile series took a page from the southern-migrating birds last week, and descended on Atlanta for its fifth local event. The warmer weather wasn’t the only appeal – Atlanta is a hotbed of hiring right now, and it’s an important place to discuss mobile recruiting. If you weren’t able to attend or have been tuning in as TheLadders travels across the country, here are the top takeaways from JobMobile Atlanta:

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Mobile recruiting strategies from top industry leaders at JobMobile Summit

Posted by TheLadders

October 16, 2013

Speakers from JobMobile Summit share their perspective on the challenges and benefits of mobile disruption in the recruitment industry. 

As a mobile-first technology company, TheLadders is dedicated to bringing job seekers, employers and recruiters into the mobile era with ease. Job seekers have already accepted mobile technology in the search, with 84 percent saying they’d use their smartphone to find a job. Talent acquisition, however, has not embraced the mobile shift with the same fervor. This disparity between groups could lead to missed opportunities for recruiters who aren’t including mobile strategies in their recruiting.

TheLadders Mobile Device Usage Chart

TheLadders began hosting local JobMobile events throughout the country in early 2013 and held its first national JobMobile Summit this past September to discuss the mobile disruption in recruiting. The summit was a great success, and attendees heard from – and interacted with – national thought leaders on the subject. Below are a few of the top innovators we heard from and their take on the mobile shift.

Join us October 1 in New York for our Second Annual JobMobile Summit - register today for free!

Register Now

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Mobile recruiting insights from TheLadders JobMobile Summit

Posted by Jessica Morales

October 1, 2013

Mobile innovations and tips to get you thinking about integrating new technology into your recruiting strategies. 

Mobile Recruiting Trends at TheLadders' JobMobile Summit

As a mobile-first technology company, TheLadders is dedicated to bringing you into the mobile era with confidence. Many recruiters, however, have been slow to integrate these new technologies into their recruitment strategies. To draw you one step closer to this goal, TheLadders is hosting a series of JobMobile events throughout the United States. During these gatherings, we discuss the triumphs and tribulations we’ve all experienced adapting mobile into our businesses.

TheLadders JobMobile Summit 2013 was in New York City last week, and we hope you had a great time! If you weren’t able to attend, check out our JobMobile site for other upcoming local events. In case you missed the conference, here are a few highlights from the event:

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Introducing TheLadders' iPhone app

Posted by Benjamin Grohé

July 24, 2013

A couple of weeks ago we successfully released our first iPhone app for job seekers. We managed to get more than 140k downloads within the first week, and got great coverage on TechCrunch, Reuters and many other news outlets. “That’s great news,” you might be saying, “but what does that have to do with recruiters or hiring managers?” Glad you asked, because, as it turns out, it has rather big implications. And here is why:



Like any industry, the recruitment industry is an ecosystem. There are job seekers on one side and jobs (and recruiters and hiring managers) on the other. If you change one side of the equation it affects the other side as well. That’s why, when we started building the app, we thought about this as a holistic experience. The goal was to create something that is valuable to the ecosystem. We did this by considering every feature with the impact it has on both sides. Let’s start off with one of the main differences between our app and any other job search app:


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