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November 4, 2013

TheLadders’ JobMobile series took a page from the southern-migrating birds last week, and descended on Atlanta for its fifth local event. The warmer weather wasn’t the only appeal – Atlanta is a hotbed of hiring right now, and it’s an important place to discuss mobile recruiting. If you weren’t able to attend or have been tuning in as TheLadders travels across the country, here are the top takeaways from JobMobile Atlanta:

Mobile is the new playground for recruiters.

It’s not a difficult new technology to master – it’s a grand opportunity! Mobile platforms allow recruiters to be more transparent about positions and companies than ever, making it easier to sell candidates on new opportunities. Additionally, talent acquisition professionals can reach multiple candidates at once with mobile technology and social media. It’s overall a more efficient way to recruit top talent.

Candidates already embrace mobile.

Rob McIntosh of Avanade, Inc mentioned that half of the candidate traffic is coming from a mobile device. Mobile applications are exponentially increasing, and companies and recruiters need to embrace the shift. The Home Depot does this with their own social network for potential candidates. Users create accounts and upload their resumes, and when it’s time to fill a position, Director of Talent Acquisition Eric Schelling can simply turn to this social network to find qualified, already interested talent.

TheLadders JobMobile Atlanta Panelists

Building relationships with applicants is easier and more important than ever. 

The surge in mobile usage can be a double-edged sword. It’s easy to reach candidates, but if recruiters get overwhelmed by the number of touch points available, candidates can slip through the cracks. It’s important to build relationships with all candidates. The Home Depot does this by giving gift certificates to each interviewee. Even if they don’t get the job, they had a good experience.

Mobile facilitates communication between recruiters and candidates.  

Transparency is important for both applicants and recruiters, and mobile enables an open and honest dialogue for both parties. Text messaging is a fast and easy way to connect, and social media allows recruiters and companies to highlight intangibles like company culture. Tami Squaire of TrueBridge Resources even has clients who use iMeet. This mobile video-conferencing tool allows them to set up professional, cross-country interviews.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to JobMobile Atlanta’s success. The speakers and attendees were spectacular, and we had a great turnout from our ELITE Atlanta recruiters. Everyone was highly engaged – both in-person and online – and judging by the Twitter candor, JobMobile is a can’t-miss mobile recruiting event! Check out our tweets at @TheLadders

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