TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters: Q2 2014

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August 17, 2014

TheLadders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q2 2014.


Summer is winding down and before we know it, the kids will be back in school and we will all be back to business as usual.  This time of year also means I’m ready to unveil the second -quarter rankings of the most influential recruiters on TheLadders.

Today, we are announcing the Q2 2014 contributions of recruiters and employers in the following categories:

  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

We chose these professionals from more than 80,000 recruiters who rely on our services to fill their most sought-after job openings with TheLadders’ more than 6 million job seekers. Our selection is based on their exemplary engagement within TheLadders’ job-matching ecosystem, quality hiring process and social responsibility in recruiting during the second quarter of 2014.

Once again our lists are full of new faces this quarter. It’s clear that new HR talent is taking advantage of the high-quality candidates on TheLadders. To ensure your professional success – and a spot on our highly coveted Top Recruiter/Employer lists in the future, stay active with us through continued recruiting best practices.

You can also now download our newest app, TheLadders Recruiter.  Released earlier this year, the app offers immediacy, simplification and convenient, on-the-go access to candidates in a fun and easy way. "TheLadders Recruiter" is now available exclusively on the App Store.

On behalf of my entire team at TheLadders, thank you for your commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our career-driven job seekers. Here’s to continued success in 2014…and congratulations!

Best regards,

Alex Douzet, CEO & Co-founder


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Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Agency

Rank Name Company Rank Change
1 Bill Keiser Tailwind Associates   describe the image  
2 Roger Preble Cornerstone Search and Consulting, LLC   describe the image 6  
3 Christie Crooks Skylightsys Stragetic Staffing   describe the image  
4 Linda Gaul Clover Business Solutions   describe the image 0  
5 Jeremy Gnozzo Search Solution Group   describe the image -3  
6 Anjela Mangrum Mangrum Career Solutions, LLC   describe the image -3  
7 Richard Bryant Bryant Associates   describe the image 11  
8 Ashish Jain Global Recruiting Partners LLC   describe the image  
9 Stephen Carrabba Expense Consulting, Ltd.   describe the image  
10 Ken Buckingham Cornerstone Search and Consulting, LLC   describe the image  
11 Mohan Rao Innovalus Technologies   describe the image 11  
12 David Molnar National Register--USA   describe the image 156  
13 Jack Trudeau Selby Jennings   describe the image 31  
14 Zachary Straub CNI Consulting, Inc.   describe the image 2  
15 Sajith Nair Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
16 Kristen Stewart Pathstreet   describe the image -9  
17 Lisa Proctor Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.   describe the image  
18 Wayne Cozad Cube Management   describe the image 18  
19 Larry Wisniewski ALM Associates, Inc.   describe the image  
20 Shawndetta Miller William W. Professional Staffing   describe the image -1  
21 Scott Hall Hunter Technical Resources, LLC   describe the image 141  
22 Gina Gomulka Next Step Systems   describe the image 76  
23 Gary Patton TKO Recruiting   describe the image 123  
24 Amanda Jacob Davalyn Corporation   describe the image  
25 Richard Duley The Albrecht Group   describe the image  
26 Sarah Barnard Webrecruit   describe the image  
27 Deborah Bruno Direct Sales Recruiting, LLC   describe the image 3  
28 Ginnette Jamerson PrincetonOne   describe the image 20  
29 Christian Pederson The Bulldog Companies, LLC   describe the image  
30 Donald Griewank Caring Hearts Medical Staffing   describe the image 37  
31 Chris Genske The Caler Group, Inc.   describe the image 25  
32 Adam Kahn CAM Search and Consulting   describe the image 1  
33 Joe Szlosek JAS Recruitment   describe the image 20  
34 Carmen Smith The RightThing   describe the image  
35 Sandi Nahmias Search Solutions International, Inc.   describe the image  
36 Christopher Waldeck PeopleOps Consulting LLC   describe the image  
37 Bethany Mesina Troy and Associates, Inc.   describe the image 40  
38 Jonathan Sack Aspire Careers   describe the image -1  
39 Joanie Porter ProActivate   describe the image -1  
40 Kaitlyn Mersereau Sales Talent   describe the image 43  
41 Laura Johnson Management Business Solutions   describe the image 5  
42 Robert Hawthorne Hawthorne Executive Search   describe the image 30  
43 Mike Cirner Fowler Placement Services, Inc.   describe the image 43  
44 Ramana Akunuru Cigniti Technologies   describe the image  
45 Marilyn DiSalvo DiSalvo LLC   describe the image -28  
46 Vikas Gangurde Bravens Inc.   describe the image 11  
47 Leon Weekes Truenorth Executive Search, Inc.   describe the image  
48 Krishna Murthy KMM Technologies, Inc.   describe the image 6  
49 Jennifer McIlwain JDeane Jobs, LLC   describe the image  
50 Ron Simpson Hire-Search Group   describe the image -36  
51 Fahim Ahmed VDart Inc.   describe the image  
52 Sheryl Gundersen The Millard Group   describe the image 24  
53 Janet Bloom JBC Executive Search   describe the image -14  
54 Katie Fuqua Diverse Edge, LLC.   describe the image  
55 Michele Rooney National Recruiting Experts   describe the image  
56 Kevin J. Collins Koren Rogers Executive Search   describe the image 67  
57 Lance Coachman EXI, Inc.   describe the image 62  
58 Patty Kowalchyk Experienced Recruiting Partners, LLC.   describe the image  
59 Darshan Kulkarni Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
60 Jaime Milner Steven Douglas Associates   describe the image  
61 James Warner Warner Search Group, LLC   describe the image  
62 Steve Weber Access Staffing   describe the image -37  
63 Suzanne Rector Vital Health Link   describe the image  
64 John Myers StepBeyond   describe the image 102  
65 Michael Trewhella Impact Business Group   describe the image -18  
66 Richard DeMayo Independent IT & EHS Recruiter   describe the image -4  
67 Janie Salas True North Recruiting, LLC   describe the image  
68 Tom Gould The Gould Group   describe the image 1  
69 Mitch Davis Davis Search   describe the image 105  
70 Larry Chism Quantus Management Resources   describe the image  
71 Annie Gordon Triumph Professional Staffing   describe the image 82  
72 Manish Bhattacharjee TAJ Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
73 Steve Soltan S.C.S & Associates   describe the image 84  
74 Glenn Davis Next Step Group Inc.   describe the image 7  
75 Dan Conroy Henderson Harbor Group   describe the image -16  
76 Elisa Sheftic Right Executive Search   describe the image 96  
77 Jahari Soward NPursuit Career Partners   describe the image  
78 Ekta Patel Rangam Consultants Inc.   describe the image 19  
79 Jason Tate Simple Search LLC   describe the image  
80 Amy Hopler Lang Search Partners   describe the image 24  
81 Gina Scott MassMutual - Spectrum Financial Group   describe the image  
82 Steve Taylor Roland & Associates   describe the image 48  
83 Kirk Johnson King & Bishop   describe the image  
84 Girish Chavan Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
85 Cindy Flippo ManpowerGroup Solutions   describe the image  
86 Ray Clark TackyMinds, a division of Global Rhymes   describe the image 112  
87 Kel Lane Skylight Recruiting   describe the image  
88 Karla Ozuyaman Claddagh Resources   describe the image  
89 Cheryl Richards Search Consultants of Northern Jersey   describe the image  
90 Joan Morelli Performance Match Recruiting, LLC   describe the image  
91 Phil Maloney New Way Search Partners   describe the image -12  
92 Bill Boyd Michael Page International   describe the image -34  
93 Joseph Ryan Washington Research Associates, Inc.   describe the image -25  
94 Susan Schoenberger MR Chicago Worldwide   describe the image 86  
95 Thomas Santo Pyramid Worldwide Search   describe the image  
96 Michael Colletti Management Recruiters of St. Charles   describe the image  
97 Nejah Jemmott TTI of USA   describe the image  
98 Terrence McNicholas Staffing Opportunities Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
99 Randall Hardwick Avalon Recruiting and Consulting LLC   describe the image -33  
100 Danny Powell Demand Professional Search   describe the image  
101 Shirley O'Dell Agility Solutions Inc   describe the image  
102 Judy Lash AgentHR Recruiting Group   describe the image -51  
103 Julia Sandra Pathstreet   describe the image -93  
104 Prasad Swamy Rangam Consultants Inc.   describe the image 69  
105 Shashank Jonnalagadda Axius Technologies Inc.   describe the image  
106 Timothy Wujcik Chase Winters Worldwide   describe the image -75  
107 Ronald Fischer RJ Associates   describe the image -33  
108 Kathy Gwozdz Millennium Search LLC   describe the image  
109 Crawford Thomas Recruiting Crawford Thomas, LLC   describe the image -16  
110 Ross Marian IT Trailblazers   describe the image 24  
111 Steve Hickel Hico Search   describe the image 88  
112 Melissa Zichi TTI of USA   describe the image  
113 Warren Rutherford The Executive Suite   describe the image  
114 Chuck Shaffer Latitude Inc.   describe the image  
115 William Greenberg Headhunter Services, LLC   describe the image  
116 Michael McCandlish The McCandlish Group, LLC   describe the image -25  
117 Joseph Anthony Vaccariello Genesis   describe the image  
118 Rajesh Masapu RPO Services   describe the image  
119 Matty Meyerberg Royce Ashland Group, Inc.   describe the image 52  
120 Cari Kraft Jacobs Management Group, Inc   describe the image  
121 George Mancuso Client Growth Consultants, Inc.   describe the image  
122 Chandralina Chakraborty Roland & Associates   describe the image  
123 Matt Gallo Carter/MacKay   describe the image 36  
124 Anthony Riggi Adecco Group North America   describe the image  
125 Sandra Difiglia The Nexxes Group, LLC   describe the image 22  
126 Curtis Kiser firstPRO   describe the image -42  
127 Kay Kennedy Kennedy Recruiting   describe the image  
128 Michael Poage TTI of USA   describe the image  
129 Suzy Turnpaugh Corporate Resources   describe the image  
130 Verba Edwards World Class Executive Search, LLC   describe the image  
131 Tony Nicol Alliance Search Solutions   describe the image -53  
132 Yuriy Levchyk FORTE Group   describe the image  
133 Tony Davis   describe the image  
134 Matt Olsen Solana Recruitment Services   describe the image -102  
135 Jaime Bezek Seven Step RPO   describe the image  
136 Harry Anderson Andex Executive Search   describe the image -51  
137 Bill Preston Edwards & Kote Executive Search   describe the image  
138 Nancy Diner Global Recruiting LLC   describe the image  
139 Douglas Unger Alexander Bec Corporate Recruiters, LLC   describe the image  
140 Matt Graham Strivector Corp   describe the image  
141 Ashish Shinde Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
142 Dennis Dunlavey Westport Intl   describe the image -60  
143 Molly Gamache Millennium Search LLC   describe the image  
144 Ashwin Lobo EmployVision   describe the image -8  
145 Rajiv Ryan Roland & Associates   describe the image 38  
146 Cie Probst Reaction Search International   describe the image 39  
147 Fred George Perennial Resources International   describe the image  
148 Anna Windland Career Source, Inc.   describe the image  
149 Paul Lee Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
150 Chris Wessell Pinnacle Recruiting & HR Solution   describe the image  
151 Michael Adler AC Lion   describe the image  
152 Craig Kennedy Kennedy Unlimited Inc. Professional Staffing   describe the image -81  
153 Mark Thrapp Claddagh Resources   describe the image  
154 Sally Daniel Venturion Career Management   describe the image  
155 Jack Kelly The Compliance Search Group, LLC   describe the image  
156 John Kalas The Tidewater Group   describe the image -56  
157 RJ Bulleri MR Chicago Worldwide   describe the image -97  
158 Ankit Shah Rangam Consultants Inc.   describe the image -29  
159 Ben Rush Pathstreet   describe the image  
160 Don Cartwright CEO, Inc.   describe the image  
161 Steven Parker VDart Inc.   describe the image -111  
162 Carmela McGrath Specialty Search International   describe the image -73  
163 Ellen Dooley Linked Executive Search   describe the image  
164 Braley Francisco TTI of USA   describe the image -37  
165 Nick Walton The Maven Group   describe the image -55  
166 Lindsay Davis The Judge Group   describe the image  
167 Eric Edwards Talent Advisory Group, LLC   describe the image  
168 Tammy Rowe T. Rowe Executive Search   describe the image -69  
169 Raji Brar Avancos Management Services Private Limited   describe the image  
170 Michele Wilson Byman Recruiting   describe the image  
171 Heather Ceresoli Taylor White Specialized Staffing Inc.   describe the image -51  
172 Karl Pennington Protégé Hunters   describe the image -71  
173 Michael Dennis Delphi Search & Consulting   describe the image  
174 Nandini Phookan Tech Axis, Inc.   describe the image  
175 Earl O'Bryant Cornerstone Recruiting   describe the image  
176 Steve Cooke Lightspeed Human Capital Management Inc.   describe the image -37  
177 Larry Blagman Claymore Partners, LLC   describe the image  
178 George McAllister Claddagh Resources   describe the image  
179 Steve Macwan Rangam Consultants Inc.   describe the image  
180 Marcus Ronaldi   describe the image  
181 Kyle Largent Largent & Associates   describe the image -140  
182 Mario Fidanzi MedTeam Staffing Inc.   describe the image  
183 Cameron Wagner HT Staffing   describe the image  
184 Cyndi Johnson Hunt Executive Search, Inc.   describe the image  
185 Ben Shamah Sanford Barrows Group   describe the image  
186 Kirin Stevens Executive Placement Network   describe the image  
187 Lyn Hutchison Prime Recruiting Solutions LLC   describe the image  
188 Stewart Ross Ross Jeffries, LLC   describe the image  
189 Joe Norwood Prodigy Executive Search   describe the image  
190 Liz Carey Accounting Career Network   describe the image  
191 Idris Shaikh Eleventh Hire, Inc.   describe the image -5  
192 Kelly Weisbrod Z-Careers   describe the image  
193 Greg Bennett Randstad USA   describe the image  
194 Ray Harris Ray Harris Inc.   describe the image -51  
195 Herald Massey Rangam Consultants Inc.   describe the image  
196 Sanjna Katyal InSearch   describe the image  
197 Angy Beshay Social Hire Inc   describe the image  
198 Smriti Jaikishen Credo Associates   describe the image  
199 John Malloy Sanford Rose Associates International, Inc.   describe the image  
200 Jon Scher The Timon Group   describe the image  


Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

Rank Name Company Rank Change
1 Sarah Valez Inspired Infotech LLC.   describe the image 3
2 Greg Hill GregMedia Inc.   describe the image  
3 Cathy Finnie Marsh, Berry & Company   describe the image -2
4 Brad Wilkins Adcap Network Systems, Inc.   describe the image  
5 Josh Morgan Marsh, Berry & Company   describe the image  
6 Laurie Baxter Western Nevada Supply Company   describe the image  
7 Clive Sampson ARS Promise   describe the image  
8 Antoine Bragg Kore Systems   describe the image -6
9 Chithresh Shivashankar Wisdom InfoTech   describe the image  
10 Sharleen Kaye Benson UnitedHealth Group   describe the image  
11 Adam Eggleston The Long Group Financial   describe the image 37
12 Pamisetty Rajesh KMM Technologies   describe the image 4
13 Amanda Molloy Taxware   describe the image 1
14 Diana Rich Catacutan UnitedHealth Group   describe the image  
15 Nicholas Soo MassMutual Financial Group   describe the image 52
16 Sherrick White Allstate Insurance   describe the image  
17 Andrew K. Kim MassMutual Financial Group   describe the image  
18 Jennifer Drew Pathstreet   describe the image  
19 Joanne Gaitanis Kaseya   describe the image  
20 Sathish Mudimanikyam EApps Tech LLC   describe the image 51
21 Paul Crowley   describe the image 62
22 Heather James Accruent   describe the image 27
23 William Baumann IDI Consulting   describe the image  
24 Manawer Jilani IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
25 Ajay Singh Axius Technologies   describe the image  
26 Sravan Kankipati OTSI-USA   describe the image -8
27 Naveen E. EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
28 Christina Roberts Harvard Risk Management   describe the image  
29 Stefan Boyd Amazon   describe the image 3
30 Chris Williams Northpointe Institute for Public Management, Inc.   describe the image  
31 Julie Beltman Check Point Software Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
32 Jay Wills Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
33 Stephanie Head Tech Tammina   describe the image -26
34 Chris Prudhomme New York Life Insurance Company   describe the image 6
35 Edward Espeleta UnitedHealth Group   describe the image  
36 Krista Sugerman Medtronic Inc.   describe the image  
37 Mohammed Waji CORE Education & Technologies Ltd.   describe the image -22
38 Cristina Camerota PegaSystems   describe the image  
39 Bethani Wright Harvard Risk Management   describe the image  
40 Arun Prasath Helios & Matheson   describe the image  
41 Julie Fiszer Rust-Oleum   describe the image 152
42 Paolo Fontana T3 Trading Group   describe the image  
43 Nivedhya N.S. Wisdom InfoTech   describe the image  
44 Suba Shini VDart Inc   describe the image  
45 Amanda Jordan Payment Systems   describe the image  
46 Galand Shepard Accenture   describe the image  
47 Mohammed Farooque MatchPoint Solutions   describe the image  
48 Kristen Sethares Tech Tammina   describe the image  
49 Annette Allen Per Scholas   describe the image 64
50 Jeremy Geisler Aflac   describe the image  
51 Babar Ali IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
52 Brad May Heartland Payment Systems   describe the image  
53 Ajay Kumar EApps Tech LLC   describe the image 53
54 Judd Plumley OARIP   describe the image  
55 Dorothy Schuette Xylem   describe the image  
56 Gagandeep Singh IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
57 Uday Kumar EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
58 Tony Amitrano EBA Financial   describe the image  
59 Hrushikesh Rao Cigniti Technologies   describe the image  
60 Ankita Paroha Concert Tech Corporation   describe the image  
61 Maria Williams Rain Bird Corporation   describe the image 35
62 Kavi Raj VDart Inc   describe the image  
63 Gayathiri R.M. VDart Inc   describe the image  
64 Anil Kumar Ind-US Target LLC   describe the image  
65 Elena Cruz Sterling Infosystems, Inc.   describe the image -46
66 Gabriel Harris AlphaSights   describe the image  
67 Jake Jackson Gibson Guitar Corp   describe the image  
68 Anne Newton Taxware   describe the image -3
69 Trista Wearing Mom Corps, Inc.   describe the image  
70 Kiran Dodla Anblicks   describe the image  
71 Maureen Massetti Wolters Kluwer   describe the image 71
72 Niharika Dodla Axius Technologies   describe the image  
73 Seshu Sarvepalli Tellus Solutions, Inc.   describe the image -15
74 Angela Stader Bristol Myers Squibb   describe the image  
75 Gopinath Pasupathy VDart Inc   describe the image  
76 Beckie Cousens elariaà   describe the image  
77 Kurt Serrano Biogen Idec   describe the image  
78 Praful Kulkarni Avi Technologies   describe the image -18
79 Ravi Singh Rishabh Software   describe the image  
80 Devasena Manoharan VDart Inc   describe the image  
81 Pankaj Singh Tech-Pro   describe the image  
82 Joseph Rinaldi Quantum Financial Advisors   describe the image  
83 Howard Reed Vistage International   describe the image  
84 Sameer Verma CORE Education & Technologies Ltd.   describe the image  
85 Karthi Guna VDart Inc   describe the image  
86 Poorani Yashodha VDart Inc   describe the image  
87 Todd Shewmake Heartland IT Consulting   describe the image  
88 Emily Hoffman The Sales Matrix   describe the image  
89 Prabhakar Choudhary Ventures Unlimited Inc.   describe the image  
90 Rahul Bitla Axius Technologies   describe the image  
91 Karpagam Guna VDart Inc   describe the image  
92 Dinakaran Manimaran Wisdom InfoTech   describe the image  
93 Kishore Paramesh Reveille Technologies   describe the image -52
94 Betsie Hollis Perficient   describe the image -72
95 Jennifer Krugler J-KRU Consulting   describe the image  
96 Mohammed Imtiyaz Ali Axius Technologies   describe the image  
97 Murtaza Farooqui Axius Technologies   describe the image  
98 Suganya Chandrasekaran VDart Inc   describe the image  
99 Joseph Hong Monticello Consulting Group   describe the image  
100 Alan Speicher   describe the image -2
101 Justin Martinez VDart Inc   describe the image -76
102 Harish Rajula EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
103 Manda Prasanna  Kumar NetVision Resources, Inc.   describe the image  
104 Rahul Singh IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
105 Ruksana Rafeeq VDart Inc   describe the image  
106 Umakanth Kodi EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
107 Serah Joseph VDart Inc   describe the image  
108 Sheryl Richardson SDTR Consulting   describe the image  
109 Ky Cunningham Networx Systems   describe the image -101
110 Jim Wood Benefitfocus   describe the image -46
111 Evan Trickett Oxford Healthcare   describe the image  
112 Dionne Heard Accenture   describe the image 17
113 Scott Davis Weyerhaeuser Company   describe the image 38
114 Raghav Yedla Axius Technologies   describe the image  
115 Ravi Sankar Axius Technologies   describe the image  
116 Edward Wilson Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image -73
117 Vishal Kumar IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
118 Udaykiran Do PruTech Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
119 Ann Polites Honor Foods   describe the image  
120 Tom Kenyon Primary Insight   describe the image  
121 Aman Singh Damco Solutions   describe the image  
122 Heather Moore DayNine Consulting, Inc.   describe the image -12
123 Sandeep Kondla Axius Technologies   describe the image  
124 Bharath Chandu Axius Technologies   describe the image  
125 Oliver Horvath   describe the image  
126 Sofi Rosella VDart Inc   describe the image  
127 Mahaboob Bhasha Shaik Grassroots   describe the image  
128 Denisa Radoncic Patriarch Partners   describe the image  
129 Betty Jordan VDart Inc   describe the image  
130 Brittany Benson Delta-T Group   describe the image  
131 Shyanne Singletary Method3   describe the image  
132 Rajesh Kumar Collab Infotech   describe the image -39
133 Lourdes Martinez Colonial Life   describe the image  
134 Patrick Brewin Taxware   describe the image 2
135 Nicky Edmand VDart Inc   describe the image  
136 Harish Duggirala Concert Tech Corporation   describe the image  
137 Kim Berly Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
138 Kristyn Stuiso Quest Diagnostics   describe the image 5
139 Murali Mekala StanSource Inc.   describe the image  
140 Charlene Stanley GEP Worldwide   describe the image  
141 Yunus Basha Reveille Technologies   describe the image  
142 Valerie Owolo Santander Bank   describe the image  
143 Joanne Gaitanis OpenSky Corporation   describe the image  
144 Basil Mitchell Metro Public Adjustment Inc.   describe the image -18
145 Ricki Bryant YP   describe the image  
146 Ira Disman American Hearing Aid Associates   describe the image  
147 Nikki Williamson CPI One Point   describe the image  
148 Troy Dansby GE Capital Finance   describe the image  
149 Naved Jamil Ventures Unlimited Inc.   describe the image  
150 John Conway Ananke, Inc.   describe the image  
151 Brad Kaplan State Farm Insurance   describe the image  
152 Ramya Sravani Axius Technologies   describe the image -76
153 Mary Thielen Heartland Payment Systems   describe the image  
154 Anandan Durai VDart Inc   describe the image -81
155 Marge Amodio Gartner, Inc.   describe the image  
156 Carolyn Robles Stericycle   describe the image  
157 Mohammad Kaleem Axius Technologies   describe the image  
158 Munjal Shah Collabera   describe the image  
159 Mallory Peple Cisco Systems   describe the image -18
160 Amy Spear Ernst & Young   describe the image  
161 Joseph Bertoni Merrill Lynch   describe the image  
162 Abul Khair Deloitte   describe the image  
163 Christopher Deppe Amazon   describe the image  
164 Nicole Vachon CVS Caremark   describe the image 18
165 Marissa McDevitt Hitachi Consulting   describe the image  
166 Dorothy Dodenhoff Wells Fargo   describe the image -3
167 Cody Hassain Amazon   describe the image  
168 Davis Carney Amazon   describe the image  
169 Heather Davy Avanade   describe the image -146
170 Elizabeth Jackson Comcast   describe the image  
171 Dawn Tefel Gartner, Inc.   describe the image  
172 Sally Sun Accenture   describe the image  
173 Erin Healy Maclaren   describe the image  
174 Christine Foglio QVC Inc.   describe the image -13
175 Babu Pasupuleti BlueCube Information Technology   describe the image -48
176 Mark Torrillo Oxford Healthcare   describe the image  
177 Rakesh Nagapuri Cygnus   describe the image  
178 Judy Vincent Sapient Global Markets   describe the image  
179 Ria Baker PGXL Laboratories   describe the image  
180 Hari Shiva Wisdom InfoTech   describe the image  
181 Angela Boeckmann UnitedHealth Group   describe the image -37
182 Ray Bradley Pomeroy   describe the image  
183 Ron Ehrhardt eBay Enterprise   describe the image  
184 Ricardo Grandt Fisher & Associates LLC   describe the image  
185 Rama Sannidhi Global Pragmatic Solutions   describe the image  
186 Veronica Sandefur Kimberly Clark   describe the image  
187 Russell Lane Blue 15 Marketing   describe the image  
188 Debbie Harding Mom's Best Friend Senior Care   describe the image  
189 Farhan Khan CORE-ECS   describe the image  
190 Paul Murphy ExterNetworks   describe the image  
191 Susan Wells Paychex   describe the image -39
192 Surya Prakash Radiant Systems   describe the image -60
193 John Osland Gravity Investments   describe the image -99
194 Vignesh Reni Spruce Technology Inc.   describe the image  
195 Scott Hensley Priority Payments Midwest   describe the image  
196 Jim Schultz Greenway Health, LLC   describe the image -2
197 Dan Krupansky PrimePay   describe the image  
198 Maria Davis Bell Performance, Inc.   describe the image  
199 Sakena Gardner Vista Consulting Group   describe the image  
200 Steve Navarro 8x8, Inc.   describe the image  


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