TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters and Top 50 Employers: Q4 2013

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February 16, 2014

TheLadders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q4 2013.

TheLadders Top Recruiters and Employers

Greetings from the frozen tundra better known as New York City! With record-breaking cold temperatures blasting across the country, there’s no question that the winter season is well underway. That means it’s time to for me to unveil the fourth-quarter rankings of the most influential recruiters on TheLadders.

Today, we are announcing the Q4 2013 contributions of recruiters and employers in the following categories:

  • Top 50 Employers
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

We chose these professionals from more than 60,000 recruiters who rely on our services to fill their most sought-after job openings with TheLadders’ more than 6 million job seekers. Our selection is based on their exemplary engagement within TheLadders’ job-matching ecosystem, quality hiring process and social responsibility in recruiting during the fourth quarter of 2013.

Once again our lists are full of new faces this quarter. It’s clear that new HR talent is taking advantage of the high-quality candidates on TheLadders. To ensure your professional success – and a spot on our highly coveted Top Recruiter/Employer lists in the future, stay active with us via continued recruiting best practices.

Stay tuned for the launch of our recruiter app, which will make it even easier to recruit TheLadders’ top talent any time from virtually anywhere. Until then, take a look at our free job-seeker app – Job Search by TheLadders – which recently surpassed 500,000 downloads.

On behalf of my entire team at TheLadders, thank you for your commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our career-driven job seekers. Here’s to continued success in 2014…and congratulations!

Best regards,

Alex Douzet, CEO & Co-founder 


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Top 50 Employers

Rank Company Rank Company
1 Avanade 26 Ricoh
2 Adcap Network Systems, Inc. 27 EApps Tech LLC
3 New York Life 28 Cognizant
4 Axius Technologies 29 Cisco Systems
5 PwC 30 Paychex
6 Allstate 31 DHL Express
7 VDart 32 Echo Daily
8 Taxware 33 Techno-Comp Inc.
9 Amazon 34 Saras America Inc.
10 Microsoft 35 e*Pro Consulting
11 Parsonex-Dalseo Group 36 Transamerica Agency Network
12 Herman Group 37 Rain Bird Corporation
13 Heartland Payment Systems 38 CSC
14 Perficient 39 MetLife
15 AlphaSights 40 American Express
16 Deloitte 41 ABF
17 Apidel Technologies 42 Radiant Systems
18 Citigroup 43 IBM
19 Accenture 44 Externetworks
20 IT-SCIENT 45 Prudential
21 Accruent 46 TEK Systems Global Services
22 Novo Nordisk 47 Sterling Infosystems
23 Patriarch Partners 48 BAE
24 Collabera 49 ReachLocal
25 IDC Technologies 50 EBA Financial

Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency


Rank Name Company Ranking Change
1 Linda Gaul Clover Business Solutions  describe the image 6
2 Anjela Mangrum Mangrum Career Solutions  describe the image 125
3 Jeremy Gnozzo Search Solution Group  describe the image 18
4 Amanda Jacob Davalyn Corporation  describe the image 146
5 Marilyn DiSalvo DiSalvo LLC  describe the image  
6 Ross Marian IT Trailblazers  describe the image  
7 Kyle Largent Largent & Associates  describe the image 141
8 Mohan Rao innoValus Technologies  describe the image -7
9 Shawndetta Miller Spectra International  describe the image  
10 B. Ann Mesina Troy and Associates, Inc.  describe the image  
11 Judy Lash AgentHR Recruiting Group  describe the image  
12 Janet Bloom JBC Executive Search  describe the image 17
13 Laura Johnson Management Business Solutions  describe the image 31
14 Alex Patton The CBI Group  describe the image  
15 Rusty Almon Almon Group Inc  describe the image  
16 Richard DeMayo Independent IT & EHS Recruiter  describe the image -7
17 Tom Gould The Gould Group  describe the image 45
18 Jessie Gable Global Recruiters of Huntsville  describe the image  
19 Saurabh Patki Apidel Technologies  describe the image  
20 Craig Kennedy Kennedy Unlimited Inc.  describe the image -7
21 Saransh Kumar innoValus Technologies  describe the image  
22 RJ Bulleri MR Chicago Worldwide  describe the image  
23 Matt Gallo Carter/MacKay  describe the image 20
24 Joseph Ryan Washington Research Associates  describe the image  
25 Pratap Jiandani Tephra Inc.  describe the image -5
26 Vicki Russell TechPros Recruiting  describe the image -12
27 Antoine Bragg Kore Systems Inc.  describe the image -11
28 Jennifer Price-Williams The Carter Group, LLC  describe the image 45
29 John Myers StepBeyond  describe the image  
30 John McSpadden Kaye/Bassman Int'l Corp  describe the image  
31 Anish Kumar Agile Enterprise Solutions Inc (AES)  describe the image  
32 Len Okyn Lawrence James Associates  describe the image  
33 Mary Perrone CSI Specialty Group  describe the image -1
34 Joe Szlosek J&S Recruitment  describe the image -26
35 Frank Cavarretta Independent Nat'l Recruiters Network  describe the image 62
36 Susan Romine Conclusive Analytics  describe the image  
37 Kimberly Rideout Jakehan Staffing  describe the image 29
38 Cynthia Amador Amador Virtual Recruiting  describe the image  
39 Carmela McGrath SSI Recruiter  describe the image  
40 Joe Palmeri Corporate Services Incorporated  describe the image  
41 James Dittmar Capitol Financial Partners  describe the image -19
42 Mark Devis Agile Enterprise Solutions Inc (AES)  describe the image  
43 Alphonsus Mailady Hourly Sourcing  describe the image  
44 Cie Probst Reaction Search International  describe the image  
45 Sheryl Gundersen Schuler Consultants, Inc.  describe the image 5
46 Harry Anderson Andex Executive Search  describe the image -12
47 Dyan Karen Noora PSG Global Solutions  describe the image  
48 Annie Gordon Triumph Professional Staffing  describe the image  
49 Krishna Murthy KMM Technologies, Inc.  describe the image  
50 Robert LaFragola The Execu-Search Group  describe the image -5
51 Benae Lambright The Lambright Group  describe the image -13
52 Jonathan Sack Aspire Careers  describe the image 16
53 Heather Ceresoli Taylor White Specialized Staffing Inc.  describe the image 69
54 Dwayne Roshier Vedainfo Inc.  describe the image  
55 Rick Delin Lloyd Staffing  describe the image 25
56 Vick Raman Poise, Inc.  describe the image 60
57 Pam Kortekamp Lifetime Recruiting Strategies (LRS)  describe the image -11
58 Nancy Lashley HITS! Hi-Tech Staffing  describe the image 18
59 Elisa Sheftic Right Executive Search  describe the image 20
60 Lance Coachman EXI, Inc.  describe the image  
61 Cari Kraft Jacobs Management Group, Inc.  describe the image 21
62 Kel Lane Skylight Recruiting  describe the image -38
63 David W. King Careers For Women (& Men), Inc.  describe the image  
64 Nick Walton The Maven Group  describe the image -61
65 Glenn Davis Next Step Group, Inc.  describe the image -5
66 Kristi Ramsey MRI St. Charles  describe the image -12
67 Paula Rutledge Legacy MedSearch  describe the image  
68 Timothy Wujcik Chase Winters WorldWide  describe the image -17
69 Beverly Lieberman Halbrecht Lieberman Associates  describe the image  
70 Michele Rooney National Recruiting Experts  describe the image 31
71 Kristi Page Parallel HR Solutions Inc.  describe the image 19
72 Frederick Richards Wealth Development Strategies  describe the image  
73 Randall Hardwick Avalon Recruiting and Consulting LLC  describe the image 65
74 Lynne Sharrers ClearChoice Executive Search  describe the image  
75 Lynn Price Donovan Grimes  describe the image -11
76 Lauren Blosky Lucas Group  describe the image 45
77 Tony Nicol Alliance Search Solutions  describe the image  
78 Ritishree Geda Roland & Associates  describe the image  
79 Amy Hopler Linium Resources  describe the image -10
80 Shelby Johnston New York Life  describe the image  
81 Tom Schaff Exponentia  describe the image  
82 Steve Bell The Premier Group  describe the image -5
83 Omprakash Srinivasalu Reveille Technologies Inc  describe the image  
84 John Kalas The Tidewater Group  describe the image -74
85 Diana Escobar Michael Page International  describe the image 14
86 Gary Patton TKO Recruiting  describe the image -30
87 Judy Wilcox Career Integration  describe the image  
88 Vertika Jaiswal Employvision Inc.  describe the image -65
89 Mary Hain PinPoint Solutions  describe the image  
90 Michael North Brookfield Associates Inc.  describe the image  
91 Keith Mills Career Insights  describe the image  
92 Barbara Ratner Merraine Group Inc.  describe the image  
93 Kris Morrison HealthPro Management Solutions  describe the image  
94 Mike Schoen Concepts in Staffing  describe the image  
95 Mary Trace Ajulia Executive Search  describe the image 85
96 Diane Lock The Judge Group  describe the image  
97 Ekta D. Patel Rangam Consultants Inc.  describe the image  
98 Kevin Carden FPC of Valdosta  describe the image  
99 Pallabi Ghosal Concepts in Staffing  describe the image  
100 Denise Bradford True North  describe the image -96
101 Barry Morris New York Life  describe the image  
102 Joe Evans Bridgepointe Partners  describe the image  
103 Kristen Lamoreaux Lamoreaux Search LLC  describe the image 53
104 Jack Trudeau Selby Jennings  describe the image  
105 Lisa Barnaby Wetherby Partners  describe the image  
106 Pratik Gupta Apidel Technologies  describe the image  
107 Ali Ahmed Resource HuntGroup  describe the image  
108 Idris Shaikh Hire11  describe the image 89
109 Mark Turcotte CRG  describe the image  
110 Terry Criter GRN Chilton  describe the image  
111 Naeem Punasiya Rangam Consultants Inc.  describe the image 47
112 Steve Taylor Roland & Associates  describe the image  
113 Ellen Dooley Linked Executive Search  describe the image -82
114 Michael McCandlish The McCandlish Group, LLC  describe the image -89
115 Robin Antonio TechPros Recruiting  describe the image 4
116 Roz Ben-Chitrit Sanford Rose Associates International  describe the image  
117 Marissa Clugston Sales Consultants of Grand Rapids  describe the image  
118 Lenny Bourdeau Stephen James Associates Inc.  describe the image 67
119 Lyn Hutchison Prime Recruiting Solutions LLC  describe the image  
120 Jeff Kliegman Lloyd Staffing  describe the image 80
121 Angie Elawa RJS Associates  describe the image  
122 Romeo Beckham VDart  describe the image  
123 Mangesh Kanade Rangam Consultants Inc.  describe the image -74
124 Ken DeWitt Summit Executive Search Group  describe the image  
125 Ankur Gupta Grassroots BPO  describe the image  
126 Laura Servedio Michael Page International  describe the image -40
127 Frank Seminara Brookfield Associates Inc.  describe the image  
128 Ron Simpson Hire-Search Group  describe the image  
129 Charlie Fridley Beneva Group  describe the image 54
130 Suranjika Patel Roland & Associates  describe the image -32
131 Dallas Otterlee Pinnacle Search Partners  describe the image  
132 Sandra Difiglia The Nexxes Group LLC  describe the image -65
133 Gina Gomulka Next Step Systems  describe the image  
134 Stephen Green The Judge Group  describe the image  
135 Harry Peter Agile Enterprise Solutions Inc (AES)  describe the image  
136 Caroline Sklenar Soarsit  describe the image  
137 Bhatt Payal Rangam Consultants Inc.  describe the image -9
138 Adam Kahn CAM Search and Consulting  describe the image  
139 Verba Edwards World Class Executive Search, LLC  describe the image -34
140 Dawn Johnson Kaye/Bassman Int'l Corp  describe the image  
141 Jessica Nettleton Decision Toolbox  describe the image 14
142 Zachary Straub CNI Consulting Inc.  describe the image  
143 Roy Cope R. Cope & Associates Inc  describe the image -131
144 Adam Martin Advocate Merchant Solutions, Inc.  describe the image  
145 Bhavin Asher I2 Consulting Inc.  describe the image  
146 Jeanine Ellison MR Chicago Worldwide  describe the image  
147 Vikash Sinha Indosys  describe the image  
148 Julie Deane JDeane Jobs  describe the image  
149 David Doman Corporate Growth International  describe the image  
150 Ray Harris Ray Harris Inc.  describe the image  
151 Molly Gamache Millennium Search  describe the image  
152 Manohar (Michael) M S Employvision Inc.  describe the image  
153 Pete Tosh The Focus Group  describe the image  
154 Susan Schoenberger MR Chicago Worldwide  describe the image  
155 Kimberly Clark Kelly Services  describe the image 17
156 Steve Hickel Hico Search  describe the image -32
157 Sriram Eranki Tech Tammina  describe the image  
158 Jason Tate Simple Search LLC  describe the image  
159 Martin Appelson Bradford Group Consulting and Staffing  describe the image  
160 Geoffrey Dubiski Sumner Grace & Associates  describe the image  
161 Donna Harris-Gill GDKN Corporation  describe the image  
162 Neil Gupta Infojini Inc  describe the image  
163 Mike Aquino MPA Associates  describe the image -56
164 Kristy Pero Personnel Connections International  describe the image  
165 Harish Venkat Roland & Associates  describe the image  
166 Lori Fain The Oliver Group  describe the image  
167 Matty Meyerberg Royce Ashland Group, Inc.  describe the image -109
168 Charles Martinez Highly Skilled Professionals, LLC (HSP)  describe the image  
169 Poorani Gopu Epro Consulting  describe the image  
170 Steven Jenkins Catapult Resources West  describe the image  
171 Kevin Adams Resource HuntGroup  describe the image  
172 Mark Donnelson Donnelson & Bond Recruiting  describe the image  
173 Marla Leibel Garrison Associates  describe the image -73
174 Josh Barber RJ & Makay  describe the image -8
175 Annamma John Hourly Sourcing  describe the image  
176 Heidi Bolinger Dream Jobs  describe the image  
177 Juelyie Lee Randstad  describe the image 11
178 Nancy Diner Global Recruiting LLC  describe the image 9
179 Tammy Rowe T. Rowe Executive Search  describe the image  
180 Chris Osl Fortune Personnel Consultants  describe the image  
181 Mario Fidanzi MedTeam Staffing  describe the image  
182 Joylin Babu Tephra Inc.  describe the image  
183 Jill Herrin JDResources Inc.  describe the image  
184 Sandra Stewart Blue Halcyon LLC  describe the image  
185 Marcia Dattoli MDI  describe the image  
186 Wendy Murphy Vertical Search Recruiting  describe the image  
187 Eral Burksr Minority Executive Search  describe the image 2
188 Larry Gass Personnel Services  describe the image -153
189 Gary Lust GeoWeb Staffing  describe the image  
190 Bob Vogt Vision 2020  describe the image  
191 Karl Edmunds Homestretch Recruiting  describe the image  
192 Dennis Knox Dennis J. Knox & Company, Inc.  describe the image  
193 Robert E. Williams Cemco Systems  describe the image  
194 Erick Burroughs Next Generation Recruitment and Staffing Agency  describe the image -80
195 Kaitlyn Mersereau Sales Talent  describe the image  
196 Vikas Chaudhary Freelance Recruiter  describe the image  
197 Sandi Nahmias Search Solutions International, Inc.  describe the image -178
198 Laura Galvan Barbachano International Inc.  describe the image  
199 Shirley O'Dell Agile Enterprise Solutions Inc (AES)  describe the image  
200 Rick Sinay Davalyn Corporation  describe the image  

Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

Rank Name Company Rank Change
1 Brad Wilkins Adcap Network Systems  describe the image  
2 Del Dena Trilogy Financial Services  describe the image  
3 Paolo Fontana T3 Trading Group  describe the image 45
4 Ross Marian Qprosys Global Services  describe the image -3
5 Linda K. Morse Kudukis Group International  describe the image  
6 Jason Liesen ADP  describe the image  
7 Matt McCafferty Platinum Fundraising  describe the image 52
8 Laura Kudukis Kudukis Group International  describe the image -6
9 Tony Farnsworth Parsonex-Dalseo Group  describe the image 18
10 Ryan Herman Herman Group  describe the image  
11 Heather Davy Avanade  describe the image  
12 Lisa Jones Agile Enterprise Solutions  describe the image  
13 Pamisetty Rajesh KMM Technologies  describe the image -9
14 Tamara Burks PwC  describe the image  
15 Mark Chancey Donaldson Distributors  describe the image  
16 Sherrick White Allstate Financial Services  describe the image 75
17 Jenny Johnson JC2 Technologies Inc.  describe the image  
18 Patrick Amore Trademark Partners  describe the image  
19 James Jackson CellStream Inc.  describe the image 7
20 Anjannette Leisinger MedX Sales  describe the image  
21 Richard Allen RLA and Associates  describe the image  
22 Chris Prudhomme New York Life  describe the image  
23 Sandra Rone Kudukis Group International  describe the image 24
24 Linda Kuduckis Kudukis Group International  describe the image  
25 Jalpa Patel Rangam Consultants Inc.  describe the image 15
26 Shail Sood ARTH Consulting  describe the image  
27 Heather James Accruent  describe the image -10
28 Richard Abrams Emerald Financial  describe the image  
29 Austin Copp AlphaSights  describe the image -20
30 Judd Plumley OARIP  describe the image -8
31 Subir Singh Perficient  describe the image  
32 Kristen Spagnoletti Quality Builders Warranty  describe the image 77
33 Caterina Colson Novo Nordisk  describe the image  
34 Annie Dubs MedTrust LLC  describe the image  
35 Salina Johnson The Reynolds and Reynolds Company  describe the image -20
36 Matt McGillycuddy Full Circle Solutions  describe the image  
37 Aditya Rathore Smart eTech  describe the image  
38 Anne Newton Taxware  describe the image -2
39 Christian Pederson The Bulldog Companies  describe the image  
40 Clive Sampson ARS  describe the image  
41 Sarah Firpo Resources Global Professionals (RGP)  describe the image  
42 Anthony Riggi Adecco Group North America  describe the image 61
43 Andrew Drucker Ridgetop Research LLC  describe the image -31
44 Jamie Rhodes DHL Express  describe the image  
45 Anthony Palumbo Microsoft  describe the image  
46 Jeff Edwards Agency Support Services  describe the image  
47 Kumar Saras Saras America Inc.  describe the image  
48 Archana Shah Cognizant Ventures  describe the image  
49 Vanecia Hill Avanade  describe the image  
50 Justin Martinez VDart  describe the image  
51 Ryan Bingham IMS People  describe the image  
52 Sunil Goyal IDC Technologies  describe the image  
53 Charmane Croll Lexis Nexis  describe the image 13
54 Maria Williams Rain Bird Corporation  describe the image -41
55 Tom Kenyon Primary Insight  describe the image 134
56 Patrick Brewin Taxware  describe the image  
57 Justin Daras Fuld & Company  describe the image  
58 Valerie Daly TDG Brokerage  describe the image  
59 Peter Ansara ABF  describe the image  
60 James Holland Avanade  describe the image 40
61 Sheree Griffin Red Book Connect  describe the image  
62 Blair Gibbs Sky Firm International  describe the image  
63 Shannon Pollack Deloitte  describe the image  
64 Babar Ali IT-SCIENT  describe the image  
65 Alexis Richardson CVENT  describe the image 32
66 Surya Prakash Radiant Systems  describe the image -61
67 Chandrashekhar Rao IT-SCIENT  describe the image  
68 Piper Rose Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC  describe the image -65
69 Mallory Peple Cisco Systems  describe the image  
70 Denisa Radoncic Patriarch Partners  describe the image  
71 Madhan Kumar Aditi  describe the image  
72 Kevin Gallagher WD, a Western Digital company  describe the image  
73 Jaisimha Das Blue Ocean Ventures  describe the image -57
74 Keir Wark Newton Consulting  describe the image -67
75 Nick Robert Agile Enterprise Solutions  describe the image  
76 Darius Panah Forwarding Talent, Inc.  describe the image  
77 Green Lee MillenniumSoft Inc  describe the image  
78 Liz Carey NBN, Inc.  describe the image -64
79 Satish Reddy Techno-Comp Inc.  describe the image 60
80 William Kimbark Allstate Financial Services  describe the image  
81 Jake Martin Construction IC  describe the image  
82 Vishal Shettigar iPlace USA  describe the image  
83 Vern Hutchison QIAGEN  describe the image 34
84 Del Rahmonov New York Life  describe the image  
85 Matt Pun VBENCH  describe the image  
86 James Cook ABPS  describe the image  
87 Parasuram Daram Agile Enterprise Solutions  describe the image  
88 Doug Swope e+CancerCare  describe the image  
89 Charity Horina American Express  describe the image 111
90 Scott Davis Weyerhaeuser Company  describe the image -17
91 Adam Abraham Resource Huntgroup  describe the image -24
92 Maureen Massetti Wolters Kluwer  describe the image  
93 Dionne Heard Accenture  describe the image -70
94 Alex Dakotta Amazon  describe the image  
95 Paul Crowley MICROS Systems, Inc.  describe the image  
96 Emily Hoffman The Sales Matrix  describe the image  
97 Omar Mukthar innoValus  describe the image -69
98 Ravi Sankar Axiustek  describe the image  
99 Dorothy Schuette Xylem Inc.  describe the image  
100 LaShell Taylor Veracity Consulting  describe the image  
101 Tibor Egervary Resodyn Acoustic Mixers  describe the image  
102 Chris Anderson Universal Business Solutions, LLC  describe the image  
103 Alexis Lyon Gannett  describe the image  
104 Sky Hackler Echo Daily  describe the image -96
105 Chandra Atholi IORMYX  describe the image  
106 Betsie Hollis Perficient  describe the image -60
107 Erin Vernon TMX Finance  describe the image  
108 Kevin Quinn CA Technologies  describe the image  
109 Sandeep Kondla Axius Technologies Inc.  describe the image  
110 Antoine Bragg Kore Systems Inc.  describe the image  
111 Fabio Kudukis Kudukis Group International  describe the image  
112 Todd Davis ADP  describe the image  
113 Jackie Zimmerman Quintiles  describe the image  
114 Andrew Foley Ashfield Healthcare  describe the image  
115 April Gladieux Chrysler Group LLC  describe the image  
116 Julie Fiszer Rust-Oleum  describe the image -92
117 Jeni Edwart VDart  describe the image  
118 Sijo George Apidel Technologies  describe the image 26
119 Pankaj Rawat Apidel Technologies  describe the image  
120 Sandy Soundara Prudential  describe the image  
121 Lila Holst Insperity  describe the image  
122 Debra Somers Vista Equity Partners  describe the image 43
123 Barb Heidenreich ADP  describe the image -104
124 Max Taylor VDart  describe the image  
125 Bill Roberts ACI Adjustment Group  describe the image  
126 Mandy Sandrock PwC  describe the image  
127 Chelsey Canavan Treeline, Inc.  describe the image  
128 Roger Gilmore Havas Worldwide Health  describe the image  
129 Amit Patel Hi-Tech Outsourcing Services  describe the image  
130 Beth Kauffelt CBRE  describe the image  
131 Murray Hidary iAmplify  describe the image -2
132 Usha Reddy Avighna Global Solutions  describe the image  
133 Lori-Anne Meyers Tribridge  describe the image  
134 Farrah Potter King Retail Solutions  describe the image  
135 Aurelia Kulig The Heartland Group  describe the image  
136 Laura Bryant Skywalk Group  describe the image  
137 Abe Issa Energy Stars  describe the image  
138 Cara Pacholski Paper Source  describe the image  
139 Nikki Mirsaeedi CSC  describe the image  
140 Ramani Meka MPIC  describe the image  
141 Elaine Finegan Classic Westchester  describe the image  
142 Victor Epstein AlphaSights  describe the image -64
143 Mandy Allen RentPath  describe the image -64
144 Sheryl Kovach Kandor Group, Inc.  describe the image -86
145 Kevin Gallagher Dolby Laboratories  describe the image  
146 Ramya Sravani Axius Technologies Inc.  describe the image  
147 Pranav Gupta Axius Technologies Inc.  describe the image  
148 Tracy Lovgren Verint Systems  describe the image -16
149 Laurie Conroy American Red Cross  describe the image  
150 Patty Menke Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association  describe the image  
151 Susan Gygax Inovalon  describe the image 43
152 Anil Kumar NetVision Resources  describe the image  
153 Sondra Conner Microsoft  describe the image  
154 Goldwynne Maningding PSG Global Solutions  describe the image  
155 Nancy Hargrove 1Stop Financial Solutions  describe the image  
156 Angie Verros Maven Wave Partners  describe the image  
157 Shirin Ansari Tier 3  describe the image  
158 Mansoor Ali Axius Technologies Inc.  describe the image  
159 Veronica Sandefur Accenture  describe the image  
160 Dorothy Dodenhoff Wells Fargo  describe the image  
161 Michael Haddad Kain Management Group  describe the image  
162 Kristyn Grasing Quest Diagnostics  describe the image -78
163 Richard White Patriarch Partners  describe the image -119
164 Carol Ricciardi Worldwide Clinical Trials  describe the image  
165 Ankita Paroha Concert Tech Corporation  describe the image  
166 Amanda Molloy Taxware  describe the image  
167 Alyssa Fanz Transamerica Agency Network  describe the image  
168 Sandy Farida ADP  describe the image  
169 Colin Hogan Groupon  describe the image  
170 Amanda Goldsberry ADP  describe the image -50
171 Vicky Bouras-Boudouris Avanade  describe the image -53
172 Kelly Howell T-Mobile USA  describe the image  
173 Margaret Amodio Gartner, Inc.  describe the image  
174 Alysa McLaughlin Savvis  describe the image  
175 Anthony Palumbo Microsoft  describe the image  
176 Rajani Kurukkal Sapient  describe the image  
177 Lisa Hogan Deloitte  describe the image  
178 Corey Walters Dun & Bradstreet (D&B)  describe the image  
179 Gal Natel Sapiens  describe the image  
180 Zahid Miah IBM  describe the image -53
181 Pankaj Dhir Wipro  describe the image  
182 Morgan Dearing Providence Partners  describe the image  
183 Joy Hrenko Nike  describe the image  
184 Kristie Hammonds Bank of America  describe the image  
185 Raj Paul Capgemini  describe the image  
186 Susan Haddad eBay  describe the image  
187 Latasha Bell AIG  describe the image  
188 Kim Pond-Madigan Honeywell  describe the image  
189 Rhonda McCauley Caterpillar Inc.  describe the image  
190 Anita Gibson PwC  describe the image  
191 Jon Miller BCG & Company  describe the image  
192 Barbara Rick Research In Motion (RIM)  describe the image  
193 David Oliver EMC  describe the image  
194 Richele Kincaid Lockheed Martin  describe the image  
195 D'Arcy Connelly The Home Depot  describe the image  
196 Valerie Suschin Pfizer  describe the image  
197 Cathy Harrington Target Corporation  describe the image  
198 Usha Raghavan Facebook  describe the image  
199 Terri Bynum Dell  describe the image  
200 Victor Santos Starwood Hotels & Resorts  describe the image  

Douzet_Alex_2Alex Douzet is CEO and Co-Founder of TheLadders. A competitive athlete, Alex finished the 2012 Ironman U.S. Championship in 12 hours, 12 minutes and 21 seconds. Follow him and TheLadders on Twitter at @ADouzet and @TheLadders

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