TheLadders' Top 200 Recruiters: Q1 2014

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May 25, 2014

TheLadders reveals its most influential recruiters of Q1 2014.


After the coldest winter I can remember, it appears spring has finally sprung in New York City. That means it’s time to for me to unveil the first-quarter rankings of the most influential recruiters on TheLadders.

Today, we are announcing the Q1 2014 contributions of recruiters and employers in the following categories:

  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at an Agency
  • Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

We chose these professionals from more than 70,000 recruiters who rely on our services to fill their most sought-after job openings with TheLadders’ more than 6 million job seekers. Our selection is based on their exemplary engagement within TheLadders’ job-matching ecosystem, quality hiring process and social responsibility in recruiting during the first quarter of 2014.

Once again our lists are full of new faces this quarter. It’s clear that new HR talent is taking advantage of the high-quality candidates on TheLadders. To ensure your professional success – and a spot on our highly coveted Top Recruiter/Employer lists in the future, stay active with us through continued recruiting best practices.

You can also now download our newest app, TheLadders Recruiter.  Released earlier this year, the app offers immediacy, simplification and convenient, on-the-go access to candidates in a fun and easy way. "TheLadders Recruiter" is now available exclusively on the App Store.

On behalf of my entire team at TheLadders, thank you for your commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for our career-driven job seekers. Here’s to continued success in 2014…and congratulations!

Best regards,

Alex Douzet, CEO & Co-founder


PS. If you'll be in the San Francisco area on June 10 or in Dallas, TX on June 18, join our team and local industry leaders at one of our regional JobMobile events. RSVP now to reserve your seat. 

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Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Agency

Rank Name Company Rank Change
1 Rob Graber   describe the image  
2 Jeremy Gnozzo Search Solution Group   describe the image 1
3 Anjela Mangrum Mangrum Career Solutions   describe the image -1
4 Linda Gaul Clover Business Solutions   describe the image -3
5 Paula Rutledge Legacy MedSearch   describe the image 62
6 Giselle Saatchi Saatchi and Associates, LLC.   describe the image  
7 Kristen Stewart Pathstreet   describe the image  
8 Roger Preble Cornerstone Search and Consulting   describe the image  
9 Jennifer Drew Pathstreet   describe the image  
10 Julia Sandra Pathstreet   describe the image  
11 Andrew Chase Zengo Talent   describe the image  
12 Linda Kudukis Kudukis Group International   describe the image  
13 Phillip Marquart Pinstripe Talent, Inc.   describe the image  
14 Ron Simpson Hire-Search Group   describe the image 114
15 Judd Plumley OARIP   describe the image  
16 Zachary Straub CNI Consulting Inc.   describe the image 126
17 Marilyn DiSalvo DiSalvo LLC   describe the image -12
18 Richard Bryant Bryant Associates   describe the image  
19 Shawndetta Miller William W. Professional Staffing   describe the image -10
20 Bill Baker Schul Baker Partners   describe the image  
21 Fabio Kudukis Kudukis Group International   describe the image  
22 Mohan Rao innoValus Technologies   describe the image -14
23 Senthil Kumaran Trilyon Inc.   describe the image  
24 John Allen Pathstreet   describe the image  
25 Steve Weber Access Staffing   describe the image  
26 Gagandeep Singh IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
27 Caroline Sklenar Soarsit   describe the image  
28 Laura Kudukis Kudukis Group International   describe the image  
29 Brandi Clemens United Career Fairs   describe the image  
30 Deborah Bruno DirectHR   describe the image  
31 Timothy Wujcik Chase Winters WorldWide   describe the image  
32 Matt Olsen Solana Recruitment   describe the image  
33 Adam Kahn CAM Search and Consulting   describe the image 105
34 Babar Ali IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
35 Sandra Rone Kudukis Group International   describe the image  
36 Wayne Cozad Cube Management   describe the image  
37 Jonathan Sack Aspire Careers   describe the image  
38 Joanie Porter ProActivate   describe the image  
39 Janet Bloom JBC Executive Search   describe the image  
40 Martin Appelson Bradford Group Consulting and Staffing   describe the image 119
41 Kyle Largent Largent & Associates   describe the image  
42 Robin Antonio TechPros Recruiting   describe the image 73
43 Ed Michaels Ed Michaels Associates   describe the image  
44 Jack Trudeau Selby Jennings   describe the image 60
45 Vicki Russell TechPros Recruiting   describe the image -19
46 Laura Johnson Management Business Solutions   describe the image -33
47 Michael Trewhella iMPact Business Group   describe the image  
48 Ginnette Jamerson PrincetonOne   describe the image  
49 Dara Winter Manpower Group   describe the image  
50 Steven Parker VDart Inc.   describe the image  
51 Judy Lash AgentHR Recruiting Group     describe the image -40
52 Madhan Kumar Aditi Staffing   describe the image 19
53 Joe Szlosek JAS Recruitment   describe the image -19
54 Krishna Murthy KMM Technologie Inc.   describe the image -5
55 Anish Kumar Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image -24
56 Chris Genske The Caler Group   describe the image  
57 Vikas Gangurde Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
58 Bill Boyd Michael Page   describe the image 68
59 Dan Conroy Henderson Harbor Search LLC   describe the image  
60 RJ Bulleri MR Chicago   describe the image -38
61 Rusty Almon Almon Group Inc.   describe the image -46
62 Richard DeMayo Independent IT & EHS Recruiter   describe the image -46
63 Manawer Jilani IT-SCIENT   describe the image  
64 Kandukuri Poornima Suh'dutsing Staffing Services   describe the image  
65 Hema Moonsammy Unbounded Solutions   describe the image  
66 Randall Hardwick Avalon Recruiting and Consulting LLC   describe the image  
67 Donald Griewank Caring Hearts Medical Staffing   describe the image  
68 Joseph Ryan Washington Research Associates Inc.   describe the image -44
69 Tom Gould The Gould Group   describe the image  
70 Sanjay Kumar Pathstreet   describe the image  
71 Craig Kennedy Kennedy Unlimited Inc. Professional Staffing   describe the image -51
72 Robert Hawthorne Hawthorne Executive Search   describe the image  
73 Steve Bell The Premier Group   describe the image 9
74 Ronald Fischer RJ Associates   describe the image  
75 Mark Seemueller Communication Interactive   describe the image  
76 Sheryl Gundersen Schuler Consultants, Inc.   describe the image -31
77 B Ann Mesina Troy and Associates, Inc.   describe the image -67
78 Tony Nicol Alliance Search Solutions   describe the image  
79 Phil Maloney New Way Search Partners   describe the image  
80 Diana Escobar Michael Page   describe the image  
81 Glenn Davis Next Step Group, Inc.   describe the image  
82 Dennis Dunlavey WESTPORT INTL   describe the image  
83 Kaitlyn Mersereau Sales Talent   describe the image  
84 Curtis Kiser firstPRO   describe the image  
85 Harry Anderson Andex Executive Search   describe the image -39
86 Mike Cirner Fowler Placement Services   describe the image  
87 Joe Palmeri Corporate Services Inc.   describe the image  
88 Anil Kumar Ind-US Target LLC   describe the image  
89 Carmela McGrath SSI Technical Recruiting   describe the image -50
90 Gus Cawley Staff Financial Group   describe the image  
91 Mike McCandlish The McCandlish Group, LLC   describe the image  
92 Michele Parker RCI Recruitment Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
93 Crawford Thomas Crawford Thomas LLC   describe the image  
94 Drew MacTavish The CS Team   describe the image  
95 Benae Lambright The Lambright Group   describe the image -44
96 Vikas Chaudhary Freelance Recruiter   describe the image 100
97 Ekta Panchal Rangam Consultants, Inc.   0
98 Gina Gomulka Next Step Systems   describe the image  
99 Tammy Rowe T. Rowe Executive Search   describe the image  
100 John Kalas The Tidewater Group   describe the image -16
101 Karl Pennington Protégé Hunters   describe the image  
102 Steve Bush Management Recruiters of St. Louis Park   describe the image  
103 Charles Bradley Global Executive Associates   describe the image  
104 Amy Hopler Linium Resources   describe the image -25
105 Michael North Brookfield Associates Inc.   describe the image  
106 Danielle Muto Solana Recruitment   describe the image  
107 Kimberly Rideout Jakehan Staffing   describe the image -70
108 Kim Weyer The Hire Connection   describe the image  
109 Kristi Page Parallel HR Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
110 Nick Walton The Maven Group   describe the image -46
111 Veronica Murphy Williams Tison   describe the image  
112 Madhavi Shah TTI of USA   describe the image  
113 James Dittmar Capitol Financial Partners   describe the image -72
114 Talibah Dehaney MGRS Group   describe the image  
115 Roy Cope R. Cope & Associates Inc.   describe the image 28
116 Dallas Otterlee Pinnacle Search Partners   describe the image  
117 Tim Ford Reveal Careers   describe the image  
118 Bandon Gilkey Reveal Careers   describe the image  
119 Lance Coachman EXI, Inc.   describe the image -59
120 Heather Ceresoli Taylor White Specialized Staffing Inc.   describe the image  
121 Timothy Carr Bond Street Group   describe the image  
122 Terry Criter GRN Chilton   describe the image -12
123 Kevin J. Collins Koren Rogers   describe the image  
124 Amit Sahu Roland & Associates   describe the image  
125 Mindy Passner Lenmar Consulting   describe the image  
126 Pam Kortekamp Lifetime Recruting Strategies   describe the image  
127 Braley Francisco TTI of USA   describe the image  
128 Kalpana Reddy Roland & Associates   describe the image  
129 Ankit Shah Rangam Consultants, Inc.   describe the image  
130 Steve Taylor Roland & Associates   describe the image -18
131 Patrick Novick Metropolitan Associates, LLC   describe the image  
132 Sukhraj Singh Apidel Technologies   describe the image  
133 Pankaj Rawat Apidel Technologies   describe the image  
134 Ross Marian IT Trailblazers   describe the image  
135 John McSpadden Executive Staffing Group   describe the image -105
136 Ashwin Lobo EmployVision   describe the image  
137 Julie Fleury Hallmark Personnel   describe the image  
138 Christin Moore Metropolitan Associates, LLC   describe the image  
139 Steve Cooke Lightspeed Human Capital Management Inc.   describe the image  
140 Hamish Scott h2 Recruit Inc.   describe the image  
141 Dwayne Roshier Veda Info   describe the image -87
142 Vick Raman Poise Inc.   describe the image  
143 Ray Harris Ray Harris Inc.   describe the image  
144 Mary Perrone CSI Specialty Group   describe the image  
145 Glen Lord Marquez PSG Global Solutions   describe the image  
146 Gary Patton TKO Recruiting   describe the image  
147 Sandra Difiglia The Nexxes Group LLC   describe the image  
148 Jamie Frame The Human Capital Group, Inc.   describe the image  
149 Kaye Rosen TTI of USA   describe the image  
150 Gina Giannascoli CMF Associates   describe the image  
151 Allen Fuchs Long Ridge Partners   describe the image  
152 Pad Swami UrpanTech   describe the image  
153 Annie Gordon Triumph Professional Staffing   describe the image  
154 Geoff Peterson General Lead   describe the image  
155 Mary Trace Ajulia Executive Search   describe the image -60
156 Jennifer Kudukis Kudukis Group International   describe the image  
157 Steve Soltan S.C.S & Associates   describe the image  
158 Azhar Ansari Bravens Inc.   describe the image  
159 Matt Gallo Carter/MacKay   describe the image  
160 Keith Gsell The Heritage Group, Inc.   describe the image  
161 Robert LaFragola Execu|Search Group   describe the image  
162 Scott Hall Hunter Technical Resources   describe the image  
163 Len Okyn Lawrence James Associates   describe the image  
164 Sunil Gandhi Dextpro   describe the image  
165 Michael Alexander Intelatek   describe the image  
166 John Myers StepBeyond   describe the image  
167 Klaus Kokott Kokott, Wood & Associates LLC   describe the image  
168 David Molnar National Register--USA   describe the image  
169 Ricardo Romero Michael Page   describe the image  
170 Eric Koehler The InfiniGroup LLC   describe the image  
171 Matty Meyerberg Royce Ashland Group, Inc.   describe the image  
172 Elisa Sheftic Right Executive Search   describe the image  
173 Prasad Swamy Rangam Consultants, Inc.   describe the image  
174 Mitch Davis Davis Search   describe the image  
175 Rohan Kumar Amer Technology   describe the image  
176 Saransh Kumar innoValus Technologies   describe the image  
177 Rohit Pillai Informatic Technologies   describe the image  
178 Mike Schoen Concepts in Staffing   describe the image -84
179 Gerd Schueller FAB Consulting   describe the image  
180 Susan Schoenberger MR Chicago   describe the image  
181 Lisa Vaillancourt Metropolitan Associates, LLC   describe the image  
182 Mark Hyman The River Group, Inc.   describe the image  
183 Rajiv Ryan Roland & Associates   describe the image  
184 William O'Malley Connector Team Recruiting   describe the image  
185 Cie Probst Reaction Search International   describe the image  
186 Idris Shaikh Eleventh Hire Technicial Recruiting   describe the image  
187 Lynn Price Donovan Grimes   describe the image  
188 Art Romero The Academy Group   describe the image  
189 Lisa Leisering Jim Kay & Associates   describe the image  
190 Debra Duggan Corporate Connections Intl.   describe the image  
191 Lisa Iannone Hobson Associates   describe the image  
192 Jishna Chandran Roland & Associates   describe the image  
193 Kris Morrison Morrison Recruiting Solutions   describe the image  
194 Jim Davidson Human Capital Resources LLC   describe the image  
195 Rajesh Masapu Suh'dutsing Staffing Services   describe the image  
196 Linda Nicholls IMC Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
197 Marc Zarrella The Talent Specalists   describe the image  
198 Ray Clark Global Rhymes   describe the image  
199 Steve Hickel Hico Search   describe the image  
200 Dan Witters Career Transitions, LLC   describe the image  


Top 200 Individual Recruiters at a Corporation

Rank Name Company Rank Change
1 Cathy Finnie Marsh, Berry & Company   describe the image  
2 Antoine Bragg Kore Systems   describe the image 108
3 Subir Singh Perficient   describe the image 28
4 Sarah Valez Inspired Infotech LLC.   describe the image  
5 Josh Morgan Marsh, Berry & Company   describe the image  
6 Susan Russell MaxisIT Inc.   describe the image  
7 Stephanie Head Tech Tammina   describe the image  
8 Ky Cunningham Networx Systems   describe the image  
9 Donna Vincent CareFusion   describe the image  
10 Diane Scott Alliance NZ Ltd   describe the image  
11 Lilia Hernandez CNI Consulting Inc.   describe the image  
12 Laurie Conroy American Red Cross   describe the image 137
13 Andrew Drucker Ridgetop Research   describe the image 30
14 Amanda Molloy Taxware   describe the image 152
15 Mohammed Waji CORE Education & Technologies Ltd.   describe the image  
16 Pamisetty Rajesh KMM Technologies   describe the image -3
17 Daniel Woodard OC Interactive   describe the image  
18 S. Kankipati OTSI-USA   describe the image 29
19 Elena Cruz Sterling Infosystems, Inc.   describe the image  
20 Mansoor Ali Axius Technologies   describe the image 138
21 Anand Babu Trilyon   describe the image  
22 Betsie Hollis Perficient   describe the image 84
23 Heather Davy Avanade   describe the image -12
24 Michael Harrington The Entrepreneur's Source (TES)   describe the image  
25 Justin Martinez VDart Inc.   describe the image 25
26 Kelly Hymas Traeger Pellet Grills, LLC   describe the image 42
27 Varsha Tarange Axius Technologies   describe the image  
28 Peter Ansara ABF   describe the image 31
29 Luis Velasquez Orsini Healthcare   describe the image  
30 Mohan Muthu GLS Systems   describe the image  
31 Alice Korbin Luxe Payment Solutions   describe the image  
32 Stefan Boyd Amazon   describe the image  
33 Mary G. Sales Elites   describe the image  
34 Michelle Koller MindSource   describe the image  
35 Shail Sood ARTH Consulting   describe the image -9
36 Asheesh Pillay CES   describe the image  
37 Neha Chopra Damcosoft Inc.   describe the image  
38 Jennifer T. UrpanTech   describe the image  
39 Gary D. Damcosoft Inc.   describe the image  
40 Chris Prudhomme New York Life Insurance Company   describe the image -18
41 Kishore Paramesh Reveille Technologies   describe the image  
42 Adam Martin Advocate Merchant Solutions   describe the image  
43 Edward Wilson Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
44 Mary Jackson The Heartland Group   describe the image  
45 Bill Martin Pitney Bowes   describe the image  
46 Lily Jane PeopleWorld Consulting Solutions   describe the image  
47 Ron Silver Nova Training Systems, Inc.   describe the image  
48 Adam Eggleston The Long Group   describe the image  
49 Heather James Accruent   describe the image -22
50 Mike Williams Aikon Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
51 Angie Verros Maven Wave Partners   describe the image 105
52 James Jackson CellStream Inc.   describe the image -33
53 Nelson Roy VDart Inc.   describe the image  
54 Gail Forbes Vidality   describe the image  
55 Liz Carey NBN, Inc.   describe the image 23
56 Weilie Ma NetBrain Technologies   describe the image  
57 Kim Mullen Everest Group   describe the image  
58 Seshu Sarvepalli Tellus Solutions, Inc.   describe the image  
59 Chaitanya Tammina Tech Tammina   describe the image  
60 Praful Kulkarni Avi Technologies   describe the image  
61 Ciara Cordasco New York Life Insurance Company   describe the image  
62 Kothinti Kiran Virtue   describe the image  
63 Dennis Woodard OC Interactive   describe the image  
64 Jim Wood Benefitfocus   describe the image  
65 Anne Newton Taxware   describe the image -27
66 Charmane Croll Lexis Nexis   describe the image -13
67 Nicholas Soo MassMutual Financial Group   describe the image  
68 Deanna Abelsen Farmers Insurance   describe the image  
69 James Holland Avanade   describe the image -9
70 Briana Floyd The Long Group   describe the image  
71 Sathish Mudimanikyam EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
72 Alexis Aubrey Moguldom Media Group   describe the image  
73 Anandan Durai VDart Inc.   describe the image  
74 Paul Lee Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
75 Annie Dubs MedTrust LLC   describe the image -41
76 Ramya Sravani Axius Technologies   describe the image 70
77 Nancy W. BLUECUBE Information Technology   describe the image  
78 Carianne Burnley Scry Corporation   describe the image  
79 Tanya Danylevska ReqRoute Inc.   describe the image  
80 Mani Maran VDart Inc.   describe the image  
81 Carmen Smith The RightThing   describe the image  
82 Vanecia Hill Avanade   describe the image -33
83 Paul Crowley   describe the image  
84 Richard Murphy Cable & Wireless Communications   describe the image  
85 Alex Brown ExterNetworks   describe the image  
86 Tasha Bell AIG   describe the image 101
87 Anthony Palumbo Microsoft   describe the image -42
88 Suresh Kumar Wisdom Infotech   describe the image  
89 Uday Kumar Axius Technologies   describe the image  
90 Del Dena Trilogy Financial Services   describe the image -88
91 Green Lee Millenniumsoft   describe the image -14
92 Ajay Pal Damcosoft Inc.   describe the image  
93 Rajesh Kumar Collab Infotech   describe the image  
94 John Osland Gravity Investments   describe the image  
95 Liza Klein MetTel   describe the image  
96 Maria Williams Rain Bird Corporation   describe the image -42
97 Ravinder Randhawa Apidel Technologies   describe the image  
98 Alan Speicher   describe the image  
99 Sandra Lee Aikon Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
100 Sijo George Apidel Technologies   describe the image 18
101 M.V. Abilash Reveille Technologies   describe the image  
102 Krishna Karthi Trilyon   describe the image  
103 Sally Gilkey OC Interactive   describe the image  
104 Mohammed Mujtabah Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image  
105 Mike Rellaford OC Interactive   describe the image  
106 Ajay Kumar EApps Tech LLC   describe the image  
107 June Appell Accolo   describe the image  
108 Julie Detloff Lowe's Home Improvement   describe the image  
109 Bhavin Patel Collabera   describe the image  
110 Heather Moore DayNine Consulting, Inc.   describe the image  
111 Lee Macapil Crystal Equation   describe the image  
112 Linda Kickham J.Hilburn   describe the image  
113 Annette Allen Per Scholas   describe the image  
114 Eddy Khalko Aikon Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
115 Steve Swenty Efinancial   describe the image  
116 Gabriel Webb Katalyst   describe the image  
117 Kalila Stuart Cybernetics   describe the image  
118 Rebecca McDermott PwC   describe the image  
119 Eddie Dayan CAPCO   describe the image  
120 Sameer Kulkarni Pragna Technologies   describe the image  
121 Vaibhav Saxena VUI   describe the image  
122 Nick Robert Agile Enterprise Solutions   describe the image -47
123 Suzanne Jones CAI   describe the image  
124 S. Karthik Reveille Technologies   describe the image  
125 Anthony Riggi Adecco Group North America   describe the image -83
126 Basil Mitchell Metro Public Adjustment Inc.   describe the image  
127 Babu Pasupuleti BLUECUBE Information Technology   describe the image  
128 Kevin Gallagher   describe the image  
129 Dionne Heard Accenture   describe the image -36
130 Christina Ramona AIG   describe the image  
131 Sunita Khemai ADP   describe the image  
132 Surya Prakash Radiant Systems   describe the image -66
133 Kim Cox Premier Solutions   describe the image  
134 Leslie Reed Catalina Marketing   describe the image  
135 Jason Liesen ADP   describe the image -129
136 Patrick Brewin Taxware   describe the image -80
137 Rakesh Mantrala Amzur Technologies   describe the image  
138 Vivian Brown American Red Cross   describe the image  
139 Colin Hogan Groupon   describe the image 30
140 Kelly Howell T-Mobile USA   describe the image 32
141 Mallory Peple Cisco Systems   describe the image -72
142 Maureen Massetti Wolters Kluwer   describe the image -50
143 Kristyn Grasing Quest Diagnostics   describe the image 19
144 Angela Boeckmann UnitedHealth Group   describe the image  
145 Daniel Arango Equinox   describe the image  
146 Susan Haddad eBay Enterprise   describe the image 40
147 Nancy Grace Aikon Technologies, Inc.   describe the image  
148 Jeffrey McCarthy General Motors   describe the image  
149 Melynn Douglas McKesson   describe the image  
150 Bernard Burney PwC   describe the image  
151 Scott Davis Weyerhaeuser Company   describe the image -61
152 Susan Wells Paychex   describe the image  
153 Kristen Turner B/E Aerospace   describe the image  
154 Sondra Conner Microsoft   describe the image -1
155 Whitney Blanton Xerox   describe the image  
156 Daniel Lefeld Thomson Reuters   describe the image  
157 Sofia Naveen IBM   describe the image  
158 Jacquelyn Reser LEI Home Enhancements   describe the image  
159 Coleman Farrell Oxford Global Resources   describe the image  
160 Cindy Reeder Toyota   describe the image  
161 Christine Foglio QVC Inc.   describe the image  
162 Sri Kumar Wipro Infotech   describe the image  
163 Dorothy Dodenhoff Wells Fargo   describe the image -3
164 Angela Gatewood   describe the image  
165 Gal Natel Sapiens   describe the image 14
166 Drusilla Talley McKesson Health Solutions   describe the image  
167 Mohammed Sameer WinWire Technologies Inc.   describe the image  
168 Bob Misner HP   describe the image  
169 Jennifer Stackhouse Target   describe the image  
170 Kevin Olson Oxford Global Resources   describe the image  
171 Brandon Morrill VistaPrint   describe the image  
172 Nagadasari Jakkaiah Collabera   describe the image  
173 Justin Vozzolo Accenture   describe the image  
174 Paul Gallagher Lowe's Home Improvement   describe the image  
175 Jyestha Tripathy Infosys   describe the image  
176 Ellen Brockett AXA Equitable   describe the image  
177 Robert Maples Waste Management   describe the image  
178 Debra Quiat Toys R Us   describe the image  
179 Dorothy Beach Accenture   describe the image  
180 Mackenzie Davis Nestlé Purina PetCare Company   describe the image  
181 Wendy Dembin Pitney Bowes   describe the image  
182 Nicole Vachon CVS Caremark   describe the image  
183 Megan Bird Time Warner   describe the image  
184 Jennifer Tschilar Sodexo   describe the image  
185 Elena Mitropetros Honeywell   describe the image  
186 Kristie Hammonds Bank of America   describe the image -2
187 Karthik Nath BNY Mellon   describe the image  
188 Patty Menke Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association   describe the image -38
189 Michelle Coleman Cintas   describe the image  
190 Valerie Daly TDG Brokerage   describe the image -132
191 Katherine Knight KPMG   describe the image  
192 Rafe Lewis North Run Capital   describe the image  
193 Julie Fiszer Rust-Oleum   describe the image -77
194 Jim  Schultz Vitera Healthcare Solutions   describe the image  
195 Jeff Hardy Sonsoft Inc.   describe the image  
196 Shallu Nadkarni The RightThing   describe the image  
197 Erin Vernon TitleMax   describe the image -90
198 Diane Singh Quantix, Inc.   describe the image  
199 Amit Tyagi Project One, Inc.   describe the image  
200 Kemp Pile Colonial Life   describe the image  

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