Elements of a successful candidate recruitment

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May 27, 2014

by Aiden Rotton


The key to successfully recruiting a candidate is knowing beforehand what you want to achieve.The idea sounds self-evident, however, many companies do not have any idea as to what their goals are, leading to an unsuccessful, redundant or fragmented recruitment process. This mess is avoidable by structuring the recruitment process and focusing on these key elements:

(1) Set up a clear recruitment policy that details what the company is all about, especially its stand on employment equity.

(2) Create a list of qualifications for the role to be filled. Here are a few questions to consider (among many) to get you started:

  • What value will this role bring to the company?
  • What are the important tasks of this role?
  • What is the set starting salary or is there any seniority that this role demands?
(3) Create a list of recruitment agents that are knowledgeable about the company and are able to bring about the company’s expectations. This is all about the strategies:
  • Resources for the work to meet the company or business goals
  • Determining the risks and costs in case the hiring fails – there should be a fail-safe plan
  • Determine any flexible or permanent resources or if there is a need for it to be outsourced

(4) Set up a comprehensive recruitment process. Here are things that you need to consider:

  • The level of difficulty in finding the right candidate
  • The importance of the recruitment role in the company’s development and success in finding the right candidate

(5) Set up a trained recruitment panel from all departments of your company.

(6) Create or set up an array of assessment tools to help with the recruitment process – in that way, you don’t need to depend on the interviews alone. You can first test their skills and then interview them once they pass the testing phase. Whichever you prefer, do not just depend too much on interviewing a candidate when assessing them for the job.
(7) Set up a more efficient recordkeeping system to help you with any future references or for compliance with the employment process.
Overall, there is not a sure-fire way for a successful hiring process BUT these key elements should serve as a guide to a better recruitment decision. 
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Aiden Rotton is a professional wordsmith at Authority Specialists and an occasional lecturer in Business and Technical Writing. She enjoys exploring business-related subjects, yet she can also cogently discuss other writing themes assigned to her. Follow her on G+.




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