Creative ways top companies recruit with video

Posted by Amanda Augustine

April 29, 2014

Leverage video like the pros to boost your recruitment efforts.


More and more employers are turning to video to differentiate their employment brands and engage with prospective candidates in a powerful and mobile-friendly way. Below are some of the many ways you can leverage video to enhance your recruitment efforts.

Job descriptions

Who says job descriptions have to be boring? Companies like HubSpot are redefining the traditional job description by incorporating video for their featured positions. Now prospective candidates can watch 60-second clips to learn exactly what the hiring manager is looking for in a candidate and why they should consider working at HubSpot. Better yet, the job seeker is immediately introduced to the hiring manager and what it might be like to work for that person before an application is ever submitted.

Employee testimonials

Why describe your company’s selling points with text when your employees can explain it for you with video? Consider creating employee spotlights that can be displayed on your company’s careers section and blog and shared via social media. Meetup created several of these videos to showcase employees at various stages of their tenure, from the new hires in the honeymoon stage to the veterans who’ve been with the company for over eight years. In each video, the employee explains why they joined organization in the first place and why they still enjoy working there.

Company culture

Cultural fit is a key factor in successful candidate placement. It makes sense then, that job seekers should be given an insider’s look at that culture before they step foot in the interview room. Employers have found a number of ways to accomplish this through video. Some companies like Home Depot use video to highlight their values and opportunities, while others like Spotify and Airbnb are enticing engineers by sharing their Hack Days and Hackathons.


Video interviews have many advantages when you’re competing for top talent. First, it’s a cost-effective way to expand your geographical search parameters without incurring extra travel costs. For instance, Los Angeles start-up Whisper uses Skype to recruit engineering talent from the Midwest and East Coast. It can also shorten your time to hire because you and the candidate no longer have to be in the office to perform the interview.  Thanks to mobile technology, an interviewer can ‘meet’ with a candidate while on the go using apps like FaceTime or Google Hangout. 

In addition to using Skype and Google Hangout for interviews and portfolio reviews with candidates, TheLadders has tried out video “speed-dating” to perform multiple initial interviews with prospective technology candidates in a short amount of time. If your organization has security concerns, consider using a service designed specifically for video interviews. For example, The Walt Disney Company relies on vendors such as GreenJobInterview and Montage Talent to video interview candidates from a secure network.

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