Does your recruitment team get the message?

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August 26, 2014

By Eddie Francis


The essence of effective marketing is communicating a consistent message. Having the packaging of a logo, a slogan and advertising job openings matters, but when you’re marketing a company during recruitment, you need the people involved to carry that consistent message. I’m not just talking about customer service reps and the interview teams; I’m talking about anybody who might come in contact with potential candidates. You need your employees to be able to deliver an attractive, concise pitch to get the attention of the most appropriate talent – no matter the situation.

A few years back, I had the pleasure of working with a company’s regional recruitment teams at a diversity leadership program on several college campuses. I asked one of the team members about their recruitment-marketing message and she knew immediately: “Fast, fun, friendly—that’s what we’re about and that’s what we’re looking for.” I continued to work with this group and several of the company’s other recruitment teams at campuses around the country, and found the ambrosia of the marketing gods—consistency. The message of “fast, fun, friendly” was not only a consistent message, but it was a consistent attitude.

Cue the angels of marketing heaven singing in golden sunlight from that great marketing office in the clouds.

As a result, their recruitment teams were able to efficiently vet potential candidates from campus to campus. Candidates mostly self-selected either because they thought they were perfect, or these candidates knew, right away, that they would not fit the culture. That, of course, allowed the company’s teams to have much more control of the recruitment process.

Cue the angels of recruitment heaven singing in golden sunlight from that great recruitment office in the clouds.

This is exactly what we want in recruitment—a controlled process where vetting candidates is almost laughably manageable. There are three major things that help make this heavenly magic happen.

1. Conduct internal market research.

Whether it is through focus groups (my personal favorite) or a survey, getting employee feedback can be a game-changer. Once you find out what they like most about working for the company, you can promote why you have a great place to work. Your research could also tell you what kinds of candidates will make your company culture more productive and enjoyable.

2. Make sure the message is consistent across all platforms and on job postings.

This is not about having a message that is right or wrong, but rather using the same message to maximize every opportunity to attract the right kinds of candidates. For instance, no one will blink at a high-energy posting from a company that claims to be fast-paced and exciting. But a company that is known for hiring straight-laced candidates might come off as a bit out of place if the HR team decides to put some “excitement” into their job postings. It’s all about consistency, people.

Also, don’t let your social media just sit there like a bump on a log. Use your professional social media account(s) to communicate your message. Have an idea of which social media accounts best showcase why your company is a great place to work. And finally, know where within social media to find great potential candidates (it’s not always where you think).

3. Be honest.

Don’t brag that your company is a great place to work if your internal market research shows that your employees are dissatisfied or indifferent. In the age of social media and online employee reviews, the last thing your company needs is former, or current, employees calling baloney with examples of why your message is inconsistent.

Conversely, don’t undersell employee satisfaction. If you have employees who indicate that they love where they work, shout it from the mountain tops! Attracting top talent is about finding people who intend to be happy and productive wherever they are.

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