How to let your company’s culture shine online

Posted by Amanda Augustine

May 15, 2014

Attract more candidates by digitally showcasing your employment brand.

When the competition is fierce, your company’s culture could give you the edge needed to win over top candidates.

Here are a few ways you can highlight your corporate culture online to attract the best candidates.


Make your employment brand social

Create separate social media accounts for your employment brand on sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. When choosing a platform (or platforms), consider which ones your employees currently use – you’re going to need their help spreading the word! Also look at your corporate brand’s social media presence and determine which platforms are most successful. This will help you to prioritize your efforts.

Leverage your corporate brand

If you’re short on resources and separate “Careers” accounts aren’t in the cards, try adding an album to your Facebook page that’s dedicated to “Life at [Insert Company Name].” That way, your corporate brand’s existing fans will be exposed to your organization’s culture. There’s nothing better than turning your company’s followers into potential candidates.

Build brand ambassadors

They say it takes a village to raise a child. In recruitment, it takes an entire company to build the right team. Your goal is to enlist the entire company to be brand ambassadors. Start by going after the low-hanging fruit: Identify the unofficial cheerleaders of the organization among your current employees – bonus points if they’re already active on social media or within their professional networks. Leverage these people to promote all the great things your company does by sharing your company’s blog posts, statuses and tweets.  

Hashtag your culture

Another great way to spread the word is to tag your social media statuses so they’re associated with your employment brand. For instance, whenever you (or other employees) share company goings-on, events, CSR activities and so forth, include a unique hashtag. NPR had much success on Twitter using the hashtag #NPRLife.

Contribute to the dialogue

You might not be able to change the conversation being had about your company on sites like Glassdoor, but there are ways to influence the tone. Encourage your company’s best brand ambassadors and those new hires that are still in the honeymoon stage to share their experiences with the company. This is especially helpful if their experience directly contradicts a particularly bad review your organization received.

Spotlight your employees

A company is only as good as the people that work there. Look for ways to highlight employees all across the company and with various tenures. For instance, you could ask employees to blog about their experiences at the company, create video testimonials for your careers page, or simply take a picture of an employee and post it on Instagram (or any one of your social media channels) with a short message. 

Open your doors

Many organizations these days are holding open houses so employees can invite their networks in to see what working at the organization is really like. However, if you’re looking for a more virtual approach, consider creating a company culture video or working with a company like The Muse to have your organization profiled. It’s a great way to peel back some of the layers and show people what makes your company stand out.

Keep these in mind

You can’t advertise a culture that doesn’t exist. Don’t oversell your organization – it will do more harm than good. Go back and consider what sets your company apart from the rest. It is the people? The perks? The type of projects people get to work on? Tailor your message to speak to what you have to offer as an organization.

As with any branding campaign, it’s incredibly important that you communicate one consistent message across all of your channels: Online, on the phone, in-person and through social media. If someone asked one of your employees to describe your company, do you know how they would reply? Are you confident that your entire team – or at least the majority of them – would respond with a similar answer? If the answer is no, start advertising and building your employment brand in-house first.

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